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    <alltransclusions gatcontinue="Marco_Pagan_Book2" />
      <page pageid="7494" ns="10" title="Template:Bavarian Line Infantry Colours" />
      <page pageid="71" ns="10" title="Template:Contrib" />
      <page pageid="6460" ns="10" title="Template:Digby Smith Books" />
      <page pageid="89" ns="10" title="Template:French Army References" />
      <page pageid="824" ns="10" title="Template:French Drummer with Royal Livery" />
      <page pageid="6425" ns="10" title="Template:French Gendarmerie Service" />
      <page pageid="115" ns="10" title="Template:Hanoverian Army References" />
      <page pageid="125" ns="10" title="Template:Hesse-Kassel Army References" />
      <page pageid="474" ns="10" title="Template:Hungarian Line Infantry Colours" />
      <page pageid="6240" ns="10" title="Template:Map of Schweidnitz" />