1758-11-18 - Combat of Güstow

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Prussian Victory

Description of Events

Eager for revenge on recent setbacks during his operations in Pomerania, the Swedish Commander-in-Chief, general Hamilton, ordered general von Lingen to assault the village of Güstow which was held by the Prussians.

With Dalarnas Infantry and Meijerfelt's grenadiers in the van, the infantry and 2 guns entered the village. The cavalry, one third of the infantry and 2 guns were held in reserve in case of a cavalry attack from the close-by Prussian camp where Manteuffel held his main force.

The two village roads led to the church which was surrounded by a high stonewall. Prussian grenadiers were deployed behind the wall and opened up a murderous fire on the charging Swedes. The infantry reserve was sent forward in support but with no result. Neither the guns nor the desperate Swedish attacks could move the Prussian position. The Swedes were forced to retreat, however in good order, covered by the cavalry.

But soon after, the alarm had been sounded in Manteuffels camp and the Alt-Platen Dragoons together with Ruesch Hussars from the village charged into the Swedish cavalry. Unable to withstand the shock they were overthrown and took refuge behind the infantry. Only canister fire and Swedish infantry volleys could force the Prussian cavalry to withdraw. General von Lingen limped back to Prenzlau with many wounded



Order of Battle

Prussian Order of Battle

Commander: n/a

Swedish Order of Battle

Commander-in-chief: General von Lingen


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