1758-11-26 – Marriage of a soldier of the Chasseurs de Fischer

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November 24 1758 – Jospehus Clarte, soldier in the Chasseurs de Fischer, married at Merzhausen

Josephus Clarte, soldier in the French Corps Fischer, from Upper Silesia (town not identified), and Sophia Maria Bosse from Goslar in Hanover were wed by the village pastor despite his protests. He objected as he had not received permission from his superiors to wed the couple and pointed out that without he was violating his churches‘ regulations. A French captain named Noltac however did not show mercy and forced the pastor to wed the couple. And to make it worse, the pastor had to accomodate 5 officers together with their horses and 30 privates!

(source: parish register of Merzhausen)

Note: The plight brought to the villages and the villagers by war was manifold. The parish registers are full of evidences. The Protestant pastor at Merzhausen, as many others, used the parish registers to express his woes. Not only did he have to bear the hardship of accomodating 35 (!) men and five horses, but he was also forced to act against his own conscience. As a village pastor he was not allowed to perform weddings, baptisms or burials for strangers of unknown or other religions without prior approval of his superiors. In this case however, the established authorities being far, the pastor had no option but to comply with the orders of the French officer.



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