1759-08-26 – Soldiers of the Chasseurs de Fischer occupy Wetter

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August 26 1759 – Soldiers of the Chasseurs de Fischer (Fischer Corps) occupy Wetter

The Protestant minister at Wetter reports that soldiers of the Chasseurs de Fischer did all kinds of mischief during the funeral service of Johann Hermann, son of the miller Georg Dommer. Asking them to be more respectful in the graveyard, they only intensified their misconduct and talked to him in a very impertinent way.

A day later the minister complains that the same Chasseurs had closed all of the gates and were not letting anyone in or out. Thus, not being able to contact his superiors in Marburg, the minister decides to bury a little girl in the church, which normally required the permission of the authorities.

Clearly with relief the same minister reports a day later that help had approached. This help consisted of the Allied avantgarde under the Hereditary Prince and he had arrived at Wetter before the dawn of day and had immediately surrounded the Chasseurs de Fischer and several other Freycompagnien, a total of about 2000 men, on the slope of the Wollenberg. Had the other wing at Niederwetter arrived on time, General Fischer would have fallen into our hands. However, the French had suffered great casualties: at least 50 had been killed, 100 injured had been captured plus another 400 unharmed captives. The Allies had lost maybe 13, at most 20 men.

Unfortunately, the remaining entry is barely legible. But it seems to state where and how the French dead were buried. Most likely in a mass grave outside of the city walls.


Parish register of Wetter 1624-1764


Stephen Westfall for this glimpse of daily life during the Seven Years' War.