1759 - Austrian campaign in Upper Silesia and Lusatia – Prussian Army OOB October 29

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1759 - Austrian campaign in Upper Silesia and Lusatia >> Detailed order of battle of Fouqué’s Corps]] on October 29, 1759


On October 29, after the arrival of reinforcements under the command of Major-General von Meier, which had been sent by Frederick, Fouqué reorganised his small army. He confided command of the corps left at Landeshut (present-day Kamienna Góra/PL) to Major-General von der Goltz, while Major-General von Schenckendorff replaced Goltz as commander at Hirschberg (present-day Jelenia Góra/PL). General Fouqué then assumed command of the rest of his army and took position on the border to prevent Loudon’s Corps from entering into Upper Silesia.

Commander-in-Chief: General of Infantry de la Motte-Fouqué

At Landeshut under Major-General von der Goltz

Infantry (12 bns)

Cavalry (12 sqns)

At Hirschberg under Major-General von Schenckendorff

Infantry (4 bns)

Cavalry (4 sqns)

On the border under General Fouqué

Infantry (8 bns)

Cavalry (12 sqns)

N. B.: I./Mosel Infantry, which was at Landeshut earlier in October had probably been sent back to Neisse. Furthermore, 3 sqns of Werner Hussars are not accounted for in this order of battle.


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