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List of the Russian units which participated in the campaign of 1759.

Commander-in-chief: Count Villim Vilimovich Fermor until June 20, 1759, when he was replaced by Count Piotr Semionovitch Saltykov

Operation Army

Most of these troops took part in the Battle of Paltzig (Kay) (July 23) and all of them (with the exception of the Narvskiy Horse Grenadiers) fought in the Battle of Kunersdorf (August 12).

Infantry (68 bns, 46 grenadier coys and 138 regimental artillery pieces)

Cavalry (39 sqns and 18 regimental artillery pieces)

Light Cavalry (27 sqns, 50 sotnias)


  • Field artillery (201 pieces) including the artillery of the Observation Corps and the 60 pieces of the Secret Howitzer Corps
  • Regimental artillery (156 pieces) including 18 pieces attached to the cavalry


In Posen

  • Troitskiy (2 bns and 2 grenadier coys with 4 artillery pieces)
  • Novo-Serbian Hussars (6 sqns)

In Schrimm

In Kalisch

Corps of the Vistula

Commander-in-chief: Lieutenant-General Frolov-Bagreev

Infantry (16 bns and 16 grenadier coys with 32 regimental artillery pieces)

Cavalry (14 sqns with 4 regimental artillery pieces, 5 sotnias)


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