1760 - Austrian campaign in Saxony – Austro-Imperial OOB August

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1760 - Austrian campaign in Saxony >> Detailed order of battle of the Austro-Imperial army in late August 1760

Commander-in-Chief: Field Marshal von Pfalz-Zweibrücken

36 bns, 26 grenadier coys, 43 sqns for a total of 25,000 men.

N.B.: Luszinsky's Corps and the Württemberger Contingent are excluded from this total, because they joined the Austro-Imperial army only at the end of September.

Main Corps

Commander: Field Marshal von Pfalz-Zweibrücken

Infantry (22 bns)

Cavalry (18 sqns)

Grenadier and Carabinier Corps

Commander: FML Count Guasco

Infantry (4 bns and 24 grenadier coys in 6 bns)

Cavalry (4 sqns and 3 carabinier coys)

Reserve Corps

Commander: FML Prince von Stolberg

Infantry (8 bns)

Cavalry (5 sqns)

Kleefeld's Corps

Commander: Major-General von Kleefeld

Infantry (4 bns and 4 grenadier coys)

Cavalry (10 sqns)

Veczay's Corps

Commander: Major-General von Vecsay

Cavalry (6 sqns)

Zedtwitz's Detachment

Commander: Colonel; von Zedtwitz

  • selected Grenzer light troops (? bns)
  • selected hussars (? sqns)
  • selected chevaulegers (? bns)

Luszinsky's Corps

Commander: FML von Luszinsky (this corps joined the Austro-Imperial army only at the end of September)

Infantry (6 bns, 7 grenadier coys, 160 jägers, 100 Grenzers)

Cavalry (11 sqns)

Württemberger Contingent

Commander: Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg (this corps joined the Austro-Imperial army only at the end of September)

Summary: 14 bns, 5 grenadier bns, 12 sqns, a few light troops for a total of approx. 12,000 men)

Infantry (13 bns, 5 grenadier bns)

Cavalry (12 sqns)

Light Troops (1 foot coy, 4 sqns)

Artillery (1 bn)


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