1761-03-23 – Burial of Lieutenant-General von Reden

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March 23 1761 – Grünberg

Ernst Friedrich von Röden, Lieutenant-General of the Hanoverian cavalry, commander of a dragoon regiment was shot by the French near Atzenhain and died three hours later. He was buried in the choir of the church in the morning of March 23.

Note: More commonly known as v. Reden, this cavalry officer was the brother of the adjutant general to the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick. Ernst Friedrich was commander of the Reden Dragoons and was mortally wounded near the village Atzenhain, possibly giving the Hereditary Prince time to evade captivity. Ernst Friedrich was laid to rest two days later in the choir of the Grünberg church. Unfortunately, the condition of the church gradually deteriorated and it had to be replaced by a new edifice. Today however, there is a small stone monument dedicated to Ernst Friedrich von Reden outside of the church. Possibly it‘s figurine was taken from the original tomb.


German Wikipedia: Evangelische Stadtkirche (Grünberg)


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