1761 - Prussian incursion in Franconia

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The campaign took place in April 1761


On March 17, Frederick II left Leipzig to join his troops in their cantonments in Meissen Country where he organised the raid in Franconia.

On April 1, a Prussian expedition left Meissen Country, heading for Franconia to attack detachments of the Reichsarmee.

On April 2, a Prussian corps (7 bns with 3 cavalry and hussar rgts) attacked and took prisoners the contingent of Cologne (2 bns, probably Leibregiment Nothaft and Wildenstein Infantry) defending Schlitz. Another Prussian column left Zwickau and marched on Plauen where it forced Imperial 2 bns to retire on Rosenthal. The same day, another Prussian corps marched towards Erfurt and Eisenach.

The Reichsarmee quickly retired on Bamberg and Eger.

On April 11, the Prussian expedition was home again.


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