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|'''Pockets'''||''no detail available yet''  
|'''Pockets'''||''no detail available yet''  
|'''Cuffs'''||red Swedish cuffs with 2 yellow buttons
|'''Cuffs'''||red Swedish cuffs with 3 yellow buttons
|'''Turnbacks'''||red fastened with a yellow button
|'''Turnbacks'''||red fastened with a yellow button

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Origin and History

This grenadier battalion was created in 1761.

During the Seven Years' War, the battalion was commanded by:

  • 1761: colonel Christian Friedrich von Heimburg

The regiment was diabanded in 1767.

Service during the War

The regiment did not see active service during the Seven Years War.



Heimburg Grenadiers - Source: Frédéric Aubert
Heimburg Grenadiers in 1761 - Source: von Stadlinger, 1856
Uniform Details
as per L. J. Stadlinger, completed with other sources where necessary
Musketeer not applicable
Grenadier Prussian style mitre cap with a brass front plate decorated with a mirrored C (for Carl Eugen)
surmounted by a star and a ducal crown, with a blue bag, a brass headband, yellow pipings
and a yellow pompon
Neckstock black
Coat dark blue in Prussian cut with 2 yellow buttons under the lapel
Collar red
Shoulder Straps red fastened with a small yellow button and with a yellow aiguillette on the right shoulder
Lapels red set with 9 yellow buttons
Pockets no detail available yet
Cuffs red Swedish cuffs with 3 yellow buttons
Turnbacks red fastened with a yellow button
Waistcoat white
Breeches white
Gaiters white
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt white
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box black
Bayonet Scabbard black
Scabbard black
Footgear black

Troopers were armed with a musket and a sabre.




Stadlinger, L., J. von, Geschichte des Württembergischen Kriegswesens – von der frühesten bis zur neuesten Zeit, Stuttgart, 1856

Zahn, Michael, Die Herzoglich Württembergische Armee im Siebenjährigen Krieg, Manuskript, Stuttgart: January 2008