5. Herzog Grenadiers

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Origin and History

This grenadier battalion was formed in 1762 from troops of the Leibgrenadierregiment. It was originally designated as the Hausgrenadierbataillon.

In June 1763, when another battalion was created with the name of Hausgrenadierbataillon (House's Grenadier Battalion. The battalion had to be renamed and was designated as the Herzogsgrenadierbataillon (Duke's Grenadier Battalion).

During the Seven Years' War, the battalion was commanded by:

  • 1762: colonel Heinrich Franz Ludwig von Altenstein

The battalion was disbanded in 1765.

Service during the War

The regiment did not see active service during the Seven Years War.



Herzog Grenadiers - Source: Frédéric Aubert
Herzog Grenadiers in 1762 - Source: von Stadlinger, 1856
Uniform Details
as per L. J. Stadlinger, completed with other sources where necessary
Musketeer not applicable
Grenadier Prussian style mitre cap with a brass front plate decorated with a mirrored C (for Carl Eugen)
surmounted by a star and a ducal crown, with a yellow pompon
Neckstock black
Coat dark blue in Prussian cut with 2 yellow buttons and 2 white buttonholes with tassels under the lapel
Collar black
Shoulder Straps black fastened with a small wyellow button and with a white aiguillette on the right shoulder
Lapels black set with 8 yellow buttons and 8 white buttonholes with tassels
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 yellow buttons
Cuffs black Swedish cuffs with 2 yellow buttons and 2 white buttonholes with tassels
Turnbacks carmine red fastened with a yellow button
Waistcoat yellow
Breeches white
Gaiters white (black during campaigns)
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt white
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box black
Bayonet Scabbard black
Scabbard black
Footgear black

Troopers were armed with a musket and a sabre.


Information about the colours of the Württemberger infantry regiments are very scarce. The following descriptions represent an "educated guess" based on these few sources

We don't know if Württemberger 'regular' Grenadier regiments had flags (converged Grenadiers regiments very probably didn't have flags). But, here, if this 'regular' regiment had flags, we suspect they could be like that :

Leibfahne would be like the one for the other regiments.

Ordinarfahne would have the same design than for the other regiments but with a grenade on each corner instead of the small crowned "mirrored C" monogram:

- on the obverse side, a red ribbon with the motto "Provide et constanter", the arms of the duke of Württemberg, surmounted by a gold and red ducal crown. The arms consisted of an oval shield surrounded by a "Ordenskette" necklace holding the "Militär Carls Orden" star.

The oval shield with the armories had 5 fields : Upper left canton: yellow and black checkerboard pattern (Teck arms), Upper right canton: yellow flags on a blue field (Reichssturm), Lower right canton: brown head with a red bonnet on a yellow field (Heidenheim arms), Lower left canton: two gold fish on a red field (Monbéliard arms), Central escutcheon: left side = 3 black stag antlers, right side = a black eagle, both sides on a yellow field

The necklace had 8 blue 'W' depicting precious stones, each linked with a golden eagle

- on the reverse side, in the center, a gold "mirrored CE" monogram with a gold and red ducal crown. One grenade on each corner.

Leibfahne: white field with silver fringes

File:Württemberg IR Leibfahne Silver Flag.jpg
Herzog Grenadier Bataillon Leibfahne - Source: Frédéric Aubert

Ordinarfahne: black field with silver fringes with, on the reverse, one grenade on each corner

File:5. Herzog Grenadiers Flag.jpg
Herzog Grenadier Bataillon Ordinarfahne - Source: Frédéric Aubert


Stadlinger, L., J. von, Geschichte des Württembergischen Kriegswesens – von der frühesten bis zur neuesten Zeit, Stuttgart, 1856

Zahn, Michael, Die Herzoglich Württembergische Armee im Siebenjährigen Krieg, Manuskript, Stuttgart: January 2008