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  • Austria / Habsburg Monarchy from 1745 to 1806 = Römische Kayserlich Königliche Armee (German)
  • France from the 14th century to 1792 = Armée du Roi (French)
  • Great Britain from 1707 to present days = British Army (English)
  • Palatinate = Chur-Pfälzische Armee (German)
  • Prussia from 1701 to 1919 = Königlich Preußische Armee (German)
  • Russia from 1741 to 1917 = Rússkaya imperátorskaya ármiya (Russian)
  • Saxony from 1682 to 1807 = Kurfürstlich Sächsische Armee (German)


1. The British army was never called the "Royal Army". This is due to the circumstances under which the army was raised in 1660, initially from regiments of the New Model Army, which had defeated Charles I in the English Civil War. These were under the command of George Monck, who was instrumental in the restoration of monarchy in 1660. Monck's regiment would later become the Coldstream Guards