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==Line Infantry==
==Line Infantry==
[[British Line Infantry Organisation|Organisation]]<br>
Generalities about the uniforms<br/>
Generalities about the uniforms<br>
[[British Line Infantry Weapons|Generalities about weapons and equipment]]<br/>
[[British Line Infantry Weapons|Generalities about weapons and equipment]]<br>
[[British Line Infantry Drill|Generalities about drill]] (as per the "Exercise for the Foot", 1757)<br/>
[[British Line Infantry Drill|Generalities about drill]] (as per the "Exercise for the Foot", 1757)<br>
Generalities about the colours
Generalities about the colours
===Regiments of Foot===
===Regiments of Foot===
{| cellpadding="10"
{| cellpadding="10"
|- valign="top"  
|- valign="top"  
|width="200"|&nbsp;&nbsp;[[1st Foot|1st Royal]]<br/>
|width="200"|&nbsp;&nbsp;[[1st Foot|1st Royal]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[2nd Foot|2nd Queen's Royal]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[2nd Foot|2nd Queen's Royal]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[3rd Foot|3rd Buffs]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[3rd Foot|3rd Buffs]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[4th Foot|4th King's Own]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[4th Foot|4th King's Own]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[5th Foot|5th Bentinck, 1759 Hodgson]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[5th Foot|5th Bentinck, 1759 Hodgson]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[6th Foot|6th Guise]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[6th Foot|6th Guise]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[7th Foot|7th Royal Fusiliers]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[7th Foot|7th Royal Fusiliers]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[8th Foot|8th King's]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[8th Foot|8th King's]]<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[9th Foot|9th Yorke]]<br/>
&nbsp;&nbsp;[[9th Foot|9th Yorke]]<br>
[[10th Foot|10th Pole]]<br/>
[[10th Foot|10th Pole]]<br>
[[11th Foot|11th Bocland]]<br/>
[[11th Foot|11th Bocland]]<br>
[[12th Foot|12th Napier]]<br/>
[[12th Foot|12th Napier]]<br>
[[13th Foot|13th Pulteney]]<br/>
[[13th Foot|13th Pulteney]]<br>
[[14th Foot|14th Jeffries]]<br/>
[[14th Foot|14th Jeffries]]<br>
[[15th Foot|15th Amherst]]<br/>
[[15th Foot|15th Amherst]]<br>
[[16th Foot|16th Handasyd]]<br/>
[[16th Foot|16th Handasyd]]<br>
[[17th Foot|17th Forbes, 1759 Monckton]]<br/>
[[17th Foot|17th Forbes, 1759 Monckton]]<br>
[[18th Foot|18th Royal Irish]]<br/>
[[18th Foot|18th Royal Irish]]<br>
[[19th Foot|19th Lord Beauclerk]]<br/>
[[19th Foot|19th Lord Beauclerk]]<br>
[[20th Foot|20th Kingsley]]<br/>
[[20th Foot|20th Kingsley]]<br>
[[21st Foot|21st Royal North British Fusileers]]<br/>
[[21st Foot|21st Royal North British Fusileers]]<br>
[[22nd Foot|22nd Whitmore, 1762 Gage]]<br/>
[[22nd Foot|22nd Whitmore, 1762 Gage]]<br>
[[23rd Foot|23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers]]<br/>
[[23rd Foot|23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers]]<br>
[[24th Foot|24th Cornwallis]]<br/>
[[24th Foot|24th Cornwallis]]<br>
[[25th Foot|25th Edinburgh]]<br/>
[[25th Foot|25th Edinburgh]]<br>
[[26th Foot|26th Anstruther]]<br/>
[[26th Foot|26th Anstruther]]<br>
[[27th Foot|27th Inniskilling]]<br/>
[[27th Foot|27th Inniskilling]]<br>
[[28th Foot|28th Bragg, 1759 Townshend]]<br/>
[[28th Foot|28th Bragg, 1759 Townshend]]<br>
[[29th Foot|29th Boscawen]]<br/>
[[29th Foot|29th Boscawen]]<br>
[[30th Foot|30th Earl of Loudoun]]<br/>
[[30th Foot|30th Earl of Loudoun]]<br>
[[31st Foot|31st Holmes]]<br/>
[[31st Foot|31st Holmes]]<br>
[[32nd Foot|32nd Leighton]]<br/>
[[32nd Foot|32nd Leighton]]<br>
[[33rd Foot|33rd Lord Hay]]<br/>
[[33rd Foot|33rd Lord Hay]]<br>
[[34th Foot|34th Earl of Effingham]]<br/>
[[34th Foot|34th Earl of Effingham]]<br>
[[35th Foot|35th Otway]]<br/>
[[35th Foot|35th Otway]]<br>
[[36th Foot|36th Lord Robert Manners]]<br/>
[[36th Foot|36th Lord Robert Manners]]<br>
[[37th Foot|37th Stuart]]<br/>
[[37th Foot|37th Stuart]]<br>
[[38th Foot|38th Ross, Watson]]
[[38th Foot|38th Ross, Watson]]
||[[39th Foot|39th Adlercron]]<br/>
||[[39th Foot|39th Adlercron]]<br>
[[40th Foot|40th Hopson]]<br/>
[[40th Foot|40th Hopson]]<br>
[[41st Foot|41st Royal Invalids (Parsons)]]<br/>
[[41st Foot|41st Royal Invalids (Parsons)]]<br>
[[42nd Foot|42nd Royal Highland (Murray)]]<br/>
[[42nd Foot|42nd Royal Highland (Murray)]]<br>
[[43rd Foot|43rd Kennedy, 1761 Talbot]]<br/>
[[43rd Foot|43rd Kennedy, 1761 Talbot]]<br>
[[44th Foot|44th Abercromby]]<br/>
[[44th Foot|44th Abercromby]]<br>
[[45th Foot|45th Robinson, 1761 Boscawen]]<br/>
[[45th Foot|45th Robinson, 1761 Boscawen]]<br>
[[46th Foot|46th Murray]]<br/>
[[46th Foot|46th Murray]]<br>
[[47th Foot|47th Lascelles]]<br/>
[[47th Foot|47th Lascelles]]<br>
[[48th Foot|48th Dunbar]]<br/>
[[48th Foot|48th Dunbar]]<br>
[[49th Foot|49th Walsh, Stanwix]]<br/>
[[49th Foot|49th Walsh, Stanwix]]<br>
[[50th Foot|50th Abercromby, 1756 Hodgson, 1759 Griffin]]<br/>
[[50th Foot|50th Abercromby, 1756 Hodgson, 1759 Griffin]]<br>
[[51st Foot|51st Napier, Brudenel]]<br/>
[[51st Foot|51st Napier, Brudenel]]<br>
[[52nd Foot|52nd Lambton]]<br/>
[[52nd Foot|52nd Lambton]]<br>
[[53rd Foot|53rd Whitmore, 1759 Toovey]]<br/>
[[53rd Foot|53rd Whitmore, 1759 Toovey]]<br>
[[54th Foot|54th Campbell, 1757 Gray, 1759 Parslow]]<br/>
[[54th Foot|54th Campbell, 1757 Gray, 1759 Parslow]]<br>
[[55th Foot|55th Perry, 1757 Howe, 1758 Prideaux, 1759 Oughton, 1762 Gansell]]<br/>
[[55th Foot|55th Perry, 1757 Howe, 1758 Prideaux, 1759 Oughton, 1762 Gansell]]<br>
[[56th Foot|56th Lord Charles Manners, 1762 Keppel]]<br/>
[[56th Foot|56th Lord Charles Manners, 1762 Keppel]]<br>
[[57th Foot|57th Arabin, 1757 Cunningham]]<br/>
[[57th Foot|57th Arabin, 1757 Cunningham]]<br>
[[58th Foot|58th Anstruther]]<br/>
[[58th Foot|58th Anstruther]]<b/>
[[59th Foot|59th Montagu, 1760 Owen]]<br/>
[[59th Foot|59th Montagu, 1760 Owen]]<br>
[[60th Foot|60th Royal American (1757 Abercromby, 1758 Amherst)]]<br/>
[[60th Foot|60th Royal American (1757 Abercromby, 1758 Amherst)]]<br>
[[61st Foot|61st Elliott, 1759 Gray]]<br/>
[[61st Foot|61st Elliott, 1759 Gray]]<br>
[[62nd Foot|62nd Strode]]<br/>
[[62nd Foot|62nd Strode]]<br>
[[63rd Foot|63rd Watson]]<br/>
[[63rd Foot|63rd Watson]]<br>
[[64th Foot|64th Barrington, 1759 Townshend, Cary]]<br/>
[[64th Foot|64th Barrington, 1759 Townshend, Cary]]<br>
[[65th Foot|65th Armiger]]<br/>
[[65th Foot|65th Armiger]]<br>
[[66th Foot|66th Sandford, 1758 La Faussille]]<br/>
[[66th Foot|66th Sandford, 1758 La Faussille]]<br>
[[67th Foot|67th Wolfe, 1757 Lord Cavendish, Erskine, 1761 Hamilton, Lambert]]<br/>
[[67th Foot|67th Wolfe, 1757 Lord Cavendish, Erskine, 1761 Hamilton, Lambert]]<br>
[[68th Foot|68th Lambton]]<br/>
[[68th Foot|68th Lambton]]<br>
[[69th Foot|69th Colville]]<br/>
[[69th Foot|69th Colville]]<br>
[[70th Foot|70th Glasgow Lowland (Praslow, Trapaud)]]<br/>
[[70th Foot|70th Glasgow Lowland (Praslow, Trapaud)]]<br>
[[71st Foot|71st Petitot]]<br/>
[[71st Foot|71st Petitot]]<br>
[[72nd Foot|72nd Duke of Richmond]]<br/>
[[72nd Foot|72nd Duke of Richmond]]<br>
[[73rd Foot|73rd Browne]]<br/>
[[73rd Foot|73rd Browne]]<br>
[[74th Foot|74th Talbot, 1761 Irwin]]<br/>
[[74th Foot|74th Talbot, 1761 Irwin]]<br>
[[75th Foot|75th Boscawen, 1762 Mariscoe Frederick]]<br/>
[[75th Foot|75th Boscawen, 1762 Mariscoe Frederick]]<br>
[[76th Foot|76th Lord Forbes]]
[[76th Foot|76th Lord Forbes]]
||[[77th Foot|77th Montgomery's Highlanders]]<br/>
||[[77th Foot|77th Montgomery's Highlanders]]<br>
[[78th Foot|78th Fraser's Highlanders]]<br/>
[[78th Foot|78th Fraser's Highlanders]]<br>
[[79th Foot|79th Draper]]<br/>
[[79th Foot|79th Draper]]<br>
''[[80th Foot|80th]] (see light infantry)''<br/>
''[[80th Foot|80th]] (see light infantry)''<br>
[[81st Foot|81st Invalids Lord Lindores]]<br/>
[[81st Foot|81st Invalids Lord Lindores]]<br>
[[82nd Foot|82nd Invalids, Parker]]<br/>
[[82nd Foot|82nd Invalids, Parker]]<br>
[[83rd Foot|83rd Sebright, 1760 Armstrong]]<br/>
[[83rd Foot|83rd Sebright, 1760 Armstrong]]<br>
[[84th Foot|84th Coote]]<br/>
[[84th Foot|84th Coote]]<br>
[[85th Foot|85th Crauford's Volunteers]]<br/>
[[85th Foot|85th Crauford's Volunteers]]<br>
[[86th Foot|86th Worge]]<br/>
[[86th Foot|86th Worge]]<br>
[[87th Foot|87th Keith's Highlanders]]<br/>
[[87th Foot|87th Keith's Highlanders]]<b/>
[[88th Foot|88th Campbell's Highlanders]]<br/>
[[88th Foot|88th Campbell's Highlanders]]<br>
[[89th Foot|89th Morris's Highlanders]]<br/>
[[89th Foot|89th Morris's Highlanders]]<br>
[[90th Foot|90th Morgan, 1762 F. Grant]]<br/>
[[90th Foot|90th Morgan, 1762 F. Grant]]<br>
[[91st Foot|91st Lord Blayney]]<br/>
[[91st Foot|91st Lord Blayney]]<br>
[[92nd Foot|92nd Gore]]<br/>
[[92nd Foot|92nd Gore]]<br>
[[93rd Foot|93rd Bagshawe]]<br/>
[[93rd Foot|93rd Bagshawe]]<br>
[[94th Foot|94th Vaughan, 1760 Dundas]]<br/>
[[94th Foot|94th Vaughan, 1760 Dundas]]<br>
[[95th Foot|95th Burton]]<br/>
[[95th Foot|95th Burton]]<br>
[[96th Foot|96th Monson]]<br/>
[[96th Foot|96th Monson]]<br>
[[97th Foot|97th James Stewart, 1762 Forrester]]<br/>
[[97th Foot|97th James Stewart, 1762 Forrester]]<br>
[[98th Foot|98th Grey]]<br/>
[[98th Foot|98th Grey]]<br>
[[99th Foot|99th Byng]]<br/>
[[99th Foot|99th Byng]]<br>
[[100th Foot|100th Campbell's Highlanders]]<br/>
[[100th Foot|100th Campbell's Highlanders]]<br>
[[101st Foot|101st Johnston's Highlanders]]<br/>
[[101st Foot|101st Johnston's Highlanders]]<br>
[[102nd Foot|102nd Queen's Royal Volunteers (Wedderburn)]]<br/>
[[102nd Foot|102nd Queen's Royal Volunteers (Wedderburn)]]<br>
[[103rd Foot|103rd Volunteer Hunters (Oswald)]]<br/>
[[103rd Foot|103rd Volunteer Hunters (Oswald)]]<br>
[[104th Foot|104th Tonyn]]<br/>
[[104th Foot|104th Tonyn]]<br>
[[105th Foot|105th Graeme's Highlanders]]<br/>
[[105th Foot|105th Graeme's Highlanders]]<br>
[[106th Foot|106th Barré]]<br/>
[[106th Foot|106th Barré]]<br>
[[107th Foot|107th Beauclerk]]<br/>
[[107th Foot|107th Beauclerk]]<br>
[[108th Foot|108th M'Doual, 1762 Scott]]<br/>
[[108th Foot|108th M'Doual, 1762 Scott]]<br>
[[109th Foot|109th Nairn]]<br/>
[[109th Foot|109th Nairn]]<br>
[[110th Foot|110th Deaken]]<br/>
[[110th Foot|110th Deaken]]<br>
[[111th Foot|111th Ogle]]<br/>
[[111th Foot|111th Ogle]]<br>
[[112th Foot|112th Markham]]<br/>
[[112th Foot|112th Markham]]<br>
[[113th Foot|113th Hamilton]]<br/>
[[113th Foot|113th Hamilton]]<br>
[[114th Foot|114th McLean]]<br/>
[[114th Foot|114th McLean]]<br>
[[115th Foot|115th Crawford]]
[[115th Foot|115th Crawford]]
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===New England Provincial Infantry Regiments===
===New England Provincial Infantry Regiments===
Generalities about the uniform
Generalities about the uniform
[[Connecticut Provincials]]<br/>
[[Connecticut Provincials]]<br>
[[Delaware Provincials]] (aka Lower Counties Provincials)<br/>
[[Delaware Provincials]] (aka Lower Counties Provincials)<br>
[[Georgia Provincials]] (aka Georgia Rangers)<br/>
[[Georgia Provincials]] (aka Georgia Rangers)<br>
[[Maryland Provincials]]<br/>
[[Maryland Provincials]]<br>
[[Massachusetts Provincials]]<br/>
[[Massachusetts Provincials]]<br>
[[New Hampshire Provincials]]<br/>
[[New Hampshire Provincials]]<br>
[[New Jersey Provincials]]<br/>
[[New Jersey Provincials]]<br>
[[North Carolina Provincials]]<br/>
[[North Carolina Provincials]]<br>
[[New York Provincials]]<br/>
[[New York Provincials]]<br>
[[Pennsylvania Provincials]]<br/>
[[Pennsylvania Provincials]]<br>
[[Rhode Island Provincials]]<br/>
[[Rhode Island Provincials]]<br>
[[South Carolina Provincials]]<br/>
[[South Carolina Provincials]]<br>
[[Virginia Provincials]]
[[Virginia Provincials]]
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'''European Regiments'''
'''European Regiments'''
[[Bengal European Regiment]]<br/>
[[Bengal European Regiment]]<br>
Bombay European Regiment<br/>
Bombay European Regiment<br>
[[Madras European Regiment]]
[[Madras European Regiment]]
'''Native Regiments'''
'''Native Regiments'''
Bengal Sepoy Battalions<br/>
Bengal Sepoy Battalions<br>
Madras Sepoy Battalions (7 bns)
Madras Sepoy Battalions (7 bns)

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At the beginning of the Seven Years' War, the British army had been reduced to about 18.000 men besides the garrisons of Minorca and Gibraltar and 6 or 7 independent companies in the American colonies.


Senior Officers


Household Cavalry

Life Guards

Royal Horse Guards or The Blues

Foot Guard

1st Regiment of Foot Guards
2nd Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards
3rd Scots Regiment of Foot Guards

Line Infantry

Generalities about the uniforms
Generalities about weapons and equipment
Generalities about drill (as per the "Exercise for the Foot", 1757)
Generalities about the colours

Regiments of Foot

  1st Royal

  2nd Queen's Royal
  3rd Buffs
  4th King's Own
  5th Bentinck, 1759 Hodgson
  6th Guise
  7th Royal Fusiliers
  8th King's
  9th Yorke
10th Pole
11th Bocland
12th Napier
13th Pulteney
14th Jeffries
15th Amherst
16th Handasyd
17th Forbes, 1759 Monckton
18th Royal Irish
19th Lord Beauclerk
20th Kingsley
21st Royal North British Fusileers
22nd Whitmore, 1762 Gage
23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
24th Cornwallis
25th Edinburgh
26th Anstruther
27th Inniskilling
28th Bragg, 1759 Townshend
29th Boscawen
30th Earl of Loudoun
31st Holmes
32nd Leighton
33rd Lord Hay
34th Earl of Effingham
35th Otway
36th Lord Robert Manners
37th Stuart
38th Ross, Watson

39th Adlercron

40th Hopson
41st Royal Invalids (Parsons)
42nd Royal Highland (Murray)
43rd Kennedy, 1761 Talbot
44th Abercromby
45th Robinson, 1761 Boscawen
46th Murray
47th Lascelles
48th Dunbar
49th Walsh, Stanwix
50th Abercromby, 1756 Hodgson, 1759 Griffin
51st Napier, Brudenel
52nd Lambton
53rd Whitmore, 1759 Toovey
54th Campbell, 1757 Gray, 1759 Parslow
55th Perry, 1757 Howe, 1758 Prideaux, 1759 Oughton, 1762 Gansell
56th Lord Charles Manners, 1762 Keppel
57th Arabin, 1757 Cunningham
58th Anstruther<b/> 59th Montagu, 1760 Owen
60th Royal American (1757 Abercromby, 1758 Amherst)
61st Elliott, 1759 Gray
62nd Strode
63rd Watson
64th Barrington, 1759 Townshend, Cary
65th Armiger
66th Sandford, 1758 La Faussille
67th Wolfe, 1757 Lord Cavendish, Erskine, 1761 Hamilton, Lambert
68th Lambton
69th Colville
70th Glasgow Lowland (Praslow, Trapaud)
71st Petitot
72nd Duke of Richmond
73rd Browne
74th Talbot, 1761 Irwin
75th Boscawen, 1762 Mariscoe Frederick
76th Lord Forbes

77th Montgomery's Highlanders

78th Fraser's Highlanders
79th Draper
80th (see light infantry)
81st Invalids Lord Lindores
82nd Invalids, Parker
83rd Sebright, 1760 Armstrong
84th Coote
85th Crauford's Volunteers
86th Worge
87th Keith's Highlanders<b/> 88th Campbell's Highlanders
89th Morris's Highlanders
90th Morgan, 1762 F. Grant
91st Lord Blayney
92nd Gore
93rd Bagshawe
94th Vaughan, 1760 Dundas
95th Burton
96th Monson
97th James Stewart, 1762 Forrester
98th Grey
99th Byng
100th Campbell's Highlanders
101st Johnston's Highlanders
102nd Queen's Royal Volunteers (Wedderburn)
103rd Volunteer Hunters (Oswald)
104th Tonyn
105th Graeme's Highlanders
106th Barré
107th Beauclerk
108th M'Doual, 1762 Scott
109th Nairn
110th Deaken
111th Ogle
112th Markham
113th Hamilton
114th McLean
115th Crawford

N.B.: Other units were also raised but never received a number:

New England Provincial Infantry Regiments

Generalities about the uniform

Connecticut Provincials
Delaware Provincials (aka Lower Counties Provincials)
Georgia Provincials (aka Georgia Rangers)
Maryland Provincials
Massachusetts Provincials
New Hampshire Provincials
New Jersey Provincials
North Carolina Provincials
New York Provincials
Pennsylvania Provincials
Rhode Island Provincials
South Carolina Provincials
Virginia Provincials

East India Company Army

European Regiments

Bengal European Regiment
Bombay European Regiment
Madras European Regiment

Native Regiments

Bengal Sepoy Battalions
Madras Sepoy Battalions (7 bns)


British militias
Colonial militias

Regiments of Horse

Generalities about the uniforms
Generalities about the colours

1st (The King's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards
2nd (The Queen's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards
3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards
1st Regiment of Horse, or The Blue Horse
2nd Regiment of Horse, or The Green Horse
3rd Regiment of Horse (Carabiniers)
4th Regiment of Horse, or The Black Horse


Generalities about the uniforms
Generalities about the colours

1st (Royal)

2nd (Royal North British)
3rd (King's Own)
5th (Royal Irish)

6th (Inniskilling)

7th (Queen's Own)
10th Mordaunt

11th Ancram

12th Whiteford
Regiment of Dragoons at the Havannah

Light Dragoons


15th or Eliot's Light Horse
16th or Burgoyne's Light Horse
18th or Hale's Light Horse
19th or The Drogheda Light Horse
20th or Caldwell's Light Horse
21st Royal Foresters


Equipment - Guns, Mortars, Carriages
Logistic - Train, Arsenals

Royal Regiment of Artillery
Royal Irish Artillery

New England Artillery

Charleston Artillery


Corps of Engineers
Royal Military Artificers and Labourers

Light Troops

Generalities about the uniforms

British Light Infantry Regiments

80th Gage

New England Rangers

Brewer's Rangers
Dank's Rangers
Dunn's Rangers
Gardiner's Rangers
Gorham's Rangers
Hazen's Rangers
James Rogers' Rangers
Robert Rogers' Rangers
Stark's Rangers





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Contemporary documents, paintings and copper engraving series:

  • A representaion of the CLOATHING of His Majesty's Household, and of all the Forces upon the Establishments of GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. 1742
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