Calatrava Cavalry

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Origin and History

No information available yet about the origin of the regiment

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was under the command of:

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Service during the War

No information available yet about the service of the regiment during the Seven Years' War



Uniform in 1759 - Source: Ibrahim90
Uniform Details as per
the Album de Taccoli of 1759
Headgear black tricorne laced white with a red cockade fastened with a small white button
Neckstock white
Coat white with white buttons down to the pocket on the left side, 1 white button on each side in the small of the back and small white buttons on each side to fasten the basques
Collar none
Shoulder straps white aiguillette on the right shoulder
Lapels none
Pockets horizontal pockets with 3 white buttons
Cuffs red with 4 white buttons
Turnbacks none
Waistcoat red with white buttons
Breeches red
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt none
Waistbelt none
Cartridge Box n/a
Scabbard n/a
Footgear black boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth red laced with a wide silver braid decorated with a thin red braid
Housings red laced with a wide silver braid decorated with a thin red braid
Blanket roll n/a


no information available yet


Musicians probably wore a uniform with reversed colours: red coat with white facings.


no information available yet


Album de Taccoli, 1759


Juan José Torres and the Asociación Cultural de Modelismo Histórico Alabarda for the information and counselling provided for this article.