Chasseurs-à-pied de Granpré

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Origin and History

The unit was raised on January 4 1760 under the name of Chasseurs de Sombreuil. It was attached as foot jägers to Bercheny Hussards. This unit counted 477 men, including its staff, and consisted of:

  • a staff of 2 officers
    • 1 lieutenant-colonel
    • 1 aide-major
  • 1 grenadier company of:
    • 3 officers
      • 1 captain
      • 1 lieutenant
      • 1 sub-lieutenant
    • 7 NCOs
      • 3 sergeants
      • 4 corporals
    • 4 anspessades (lance corporals)
    • 48 grenadiers
    • 1 drummer
  • 4 fusilier companies, each of:
    • 3 officers
      • 1 captain
      • 1 lieutenant
      • 1 sub-lieutenant
    • 10 NCOs
      • 4 sergeants
      • 6 corporals
    • 6 anspessades (lance corporals)
    • 82 fusiliers
    • 2 drummers

At the beginning of 1761, the unit was renamed Chasseurs de Grandpré.

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was commanded by:

  • since January 4 1760: Lieutenant-colonel M. de Sombreuil
  • from the beginning of 1761: M. de Grandpré

The unit was disbanded on April 4 1761.

Service during the War

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Uniform in 1760 - Source: Richard Couture adapted from a template by Jean-Louis Vial
Uniform Details as per the État Militaire of 1761 and Raspe in 1760
Fusilier black tricorne laced white with a white cockade
Grenadier probably a bearskin
Neckstock black
Coat sky blue lined garance red
Collar none
Shoulder Straps none
Lapels red with 6 pewter buttons and 6 white laced buttonholes (in a clover leaf shape)
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 pewter buttons and 3 narrow white laced buttonholes (in a clover leaf shape)
Cuffs red with 2 pewter buttons and 2 narrow white laced buttonholes (in a clover leaf shape)
Turnbacks red
Waistcoat garance red with 10 pewter buttons and 10 narrow white laced buttonholes (in a clover leaf shape)
Breeches garance red
Gaiters black
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt probably white (no information available)
Waistbelt probably white (no information available)
Cartridge Box no information available
Bayonet Scabbard black with brass fittings
Scabbard black with brass fittings

Armaments of light troops usually consisted of a musket, a bayonet and a sabre.


Officers wore uniforms similar to those of the privates with the following differences:

  • silver laced buttonholes on the lapels, cuffs, pockets and waistcoat
  • no turnbacks
  • black boots with white knee covers


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