Chasseurs de Poncet

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Origin and History

The unit was raised on March 7, 1761. It consisted of:

  • 7 officers
  • 60 chasseurs à pied (foot jägers)
  • 40 chasseurs à cheval (mounted jägers)
  • 50 hussards

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was commanded by the following colonel-commandants:

  • from March 7, 1761 to December 10, 1762: M. de Poncet

The unit was disbanded on December 10, 1762.

Service during the War

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Uniform in 1761 – Copyright Kronoskaf


Uniform Details as per
Headgear black tricorne laced silver with a white cockade on the left side
Neckstock black
Coat dark green
Collar straight yellow collar
Shoulder Straps n/a
Lapels yellow with pewter buttons
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 pewter buttons
Cuffs yellow without buttons
Turnbacks none
Waistcoat no information found
Breeches dark green
Gaiters chamois fastened with a natural leather strap under the knee
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt natural leather
Waistbelt natural leather
Cartridge Pouch natural leather
Bayonet Scabbard no information found
Scabbard natural leather

Armaments consisted of a musket, a bayonet and a sabre.


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