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Origin and History

Practically nothing is known about this unit.

The only viable reference seems to be a depiction in the Albertina manuscript which is titled Compagnie nouvelment: erigé de Gen. Lascy.

The remarks in the facsimile edition of this manuscriptref.1 point out the uncertainties of this unit's organizational dependence (part of Lacy's regiment or independent company); they also refer to the unusual details of its uniform (see below). There is no indication of when this company was raised (the Albertina manuscript is usually dated to 1761 according to the Inhaber names; but what is the meaning of nouvelment (newly) in this context?), its strength or purpose. No basis for the sentence "It was probably used as a training for the various pioneer and jäger (light infantry) troops he (i.e.: Lacy) formed and trained" in ref. 2 is given there).

Also, we have no information if the unit survived the army reduction in 1761.

Service during the War

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Uniform in 1761 - Source: from "Zinnsoldat", Dieter Müller's collection
Uniform in 1761
as per the Albertina-Handschrift
Headgear black cap, with an upright yellow (brass?) shield which shows a black double-headed eagle under a crown. This cap is embellished on the left side with a red feather with black tip
Neck stock red
Coat white with 3 white buttons below right lapel
Collar none
Shoulder Straps yellow (left shoulder only)
Lapels yellow, each with 7 white pointed buttonhole braids and 7 white buttons; set 1-3-3, the uppermost buttonhole braid pointing obliquely upwards
Pockets none visible
Cuffs yellow, each with 3 white buttons and 3 buttonhole braids
Turnbacks white; small horizontal rectangular yellow patches with a centre white button
Waistcoat white with a single row of small white buttons
Breeches white
Gaiters black
Leather Equipment
Waistbelt white with a brass buckle
Scabbard brass-mounted infantry sabre in brown leather scabbard
Footgear black shoes


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Dieter Müller for the original version of this article