Freihusaren von Glasenapp

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Origin and History

In 1759, Glasenapp offered his services to the duke of Württemberg who was trying to hire light troops. On February 27, 1760, they came to an agreement. Glasenapp then raised a squadron of 158 hussars on his estate at Holtmuhl. This squadon consisted of:

  • 1 major
  • 1 Rittmeister
  • 1 adjutant
  • 1 fourier (roughly, an administrative assistant)
  • 2 surgeons
  • 1 saddler
  • 1 smith
  • 3 lieutenant-captain
  • 3 cornets
  • 3 trumpeters
  • 12 corporals
  • 126 hussars

During the Seven Years' War, the Chef of these squadrons was:

  • 1759: major von Glasenapp (a former Prussian officer)

The unit was disbanded on February 7 1761 when the duke of Württemberg retired from the war. Soon afterward, the entire unit entered Prussian service as Glasenapp light dragoons.

Service during the War

On October 25 1760, as part of the Württemberg Light Corps, the unit was surprised at Rothenburg an der Saale by a Prussian force. Sixty men of the units were taken prisoners.


Even though these hussars were instructed to carry the Württemberg uniform, it seems that they wore various uniform and were very badly equipped.


Uniform in 1762, under Prussian service - Source: Frédéric Aubert
Uniform Details
as per Herbert Knötel completed with other sources where necessary
Headgear black or brown fur kolback with red bag and a white plume
Neckstock n/a
Pelisse red trimmed with brown or black fur and laced white
Dolman blue laced white with white buttonloops and white buttons
Collar red laced white
Pockets n/a
Cuffs red laced white
Breeches straw leather
Scharawades blue laced white
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt white
Waistbelt kushak (barrel sash) consisting of a white sash and red barrels
Cartridge Box n/a
Scabbard n/a
Footgear short black Hungarian boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth blue bordered bordered by a red scalloped band laced white
Sabretache blue bordered in red with white arms

Troopers were armed with a sabre and pistols.


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We think that this unit did not carry any standard, like many other Hussar units during the Seven Years War.


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