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Origin and History

It is not really known at what time this corps was created. However, the annals of the first Brunswick-Lüneburg troops in the middle of the XVIIth century the engineer are already mentioned. Until 1732, engineers were subordinated to the commander of the Hanoverian Artillery. On that year, they were formed in an independent corps under their own “chef”.

In March 1757, the Ingenieurkorps counted 19 officers and drivers.

During the Seven Years’ War, the successive chefs of the corps were:

  • from 1743: Colonel Johann Christoph von Lüttich (previously in the Austrian service, promoted to major-general in 1754, retired in 1758)
  • from 1758: Colonel Philip Ysenbarth (died in 1759 at Lippstadt)
  • from 1759: Major du Plat as interim commander
  • from 1762: Colonel Heinrich Wilhelm von Huth (previously in the Hessian service, promoted to major-general in 1762, entered in the Danish service in 1763 as lieutenant-general)

By the end of the Seven Years’ War in 1763, it consisted of 1 “chef”, 17 officers and 4 “Conducteurs”.

Service during the War

Engineers were never assembled in a single corps during the campaigns but distributed between the field army and the various fortresses.



Uniform in 1759 - Copyright: Kronoskaf
Uniform Details
Musketeer black tricorne laced gold with a sprig of oak leaves, 3 red pom poms and a black cockade fastened with a gold button and a golden braid
Grenadier not applicable
Neckstock black
Coat light blue with 3 golden buttons and 3 buttonloops under the lapels
Collar none
Shoulder Straps golden silk aiguillette (right shoulder)
Lapels red laced gold with 6 golden buttons and 6 golden buttonloops
Pockets horizontal pockets laced gold, each with 3 golden buttons and 3 golden buttonloops
Cuffs red slashed cuffs laced gold (in the British pattern) with 7 golden buttons and 7 golden buttonloops on the sleeve just above the cuff
Turnbacks red front turnback
Waistcoat red laced gold with 10 golden buttons and 10 golden buttonhols, and with 2 horizontal pockets laced gold, each with 3 golden buttons
Breeches red
Gaiters white (some description rather mention black boots)
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt n/a
Waistbelt n/a
Cartridge Box n/a
Bayonet Scabbard n/a
Scabbard black
Footgear black shoes (some description rather mention black boots)

Engineers were equipped with a sword and a wooden stick.

According to Wissel, from 1759, engineers wore straw waistcoat and their coat was also lined straw.






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