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Origin and History

In 1717 a Grenadier Kompagnie zu Pferd (Horse Grenadier Company) was raised as part of the Leibgarde zu Pferde. In 1731, this company was detached from the Leibgarde to form the Garde Dragoner (or Garde des Dragons) Regiment.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:

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The Garde des Dragons were disbanded on November 28, 1768, as were the Leibgrenadiercorps.

Service during the War

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Uniform in 1750 as per Richard Knötel - Source: Kronoskaf
Uniform Details in 1750as per Knötel
Headgear black tricorne laced gold with a black cockade fastened with a golden clip
Neckstock black
Coat white lined red with 4 gold buttons under the right lapel
Collar none
Shoulder Straps red fastened with a gold button and a golden aiguillette on the right shoulder
Lapels red with gold buttons
Pockets horizontal pockets
Cuffs red with 3 gold buttons on the sleeve above each cuff
Turnbacks red
Waistcoat buff
Breeches buff
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt natural leather
Waistbelt natural leather
Cartridge Box no information available yet
Scabbard brown leather with brass ornaments
Footgear black boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth no information available yet
Housings no information available yet
Blanket roll no information available yet

Troopers were armed with a sword, a musket and a bayonet.


The officers of this regiment wore a uniform different from that of the men. It had no lapels and was richly decorated with gold lace.


The musicians were clad in the house colours of red, white and blue. They wore blue coats faced and lined red with swallow nests at the shoulders.


no information available yet


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Knoetel`s plates are listed by Arabic numerals within the volumes, which are shown by Roman numerals: VIII 1 Leibgarde zu Pferde 1750; X 3 Regiment Schrautenbach 1717


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