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Some explanations on dates and functions
Dates indicated in this page are not the date of birth and death but rather the period during which a given individual has assumed a given function.

Similarly, functions listed for each individual are those that he assumed during the Seven Years' War. Previous and future functions are specified in the detailed articles but not in the general enumeration.


Browne, Baron Maximilian, Field-Marshall (1753-57)

Buccow, Adolf Nikolaus Baron, Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1752-58), General of Cavalry (1758-64)

Daun, Count Leopold, Feldmarshall (1754-62) and President of the War Council (1762-66)

Drašković von Trakošćan, Josip Kazimír Count, General Feldwachtmeister (1753-58), Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1758-63)

Hadik, Andreas, General Feldwachtmeister (1748-58) General der Cavallerie (1758-63)

Harrach zu Rohrau, Franz Xaver Count, Colonel (1759-71)

Jahnus von Eberstädt, Franz Maximilian Baron, General Feldwachtmeister (1757-60), Feldmarschall Lieutenant (1760-63)

Kaunitz, Prince Wenzel Anton, Chancellor (1753-92)

Lacy, Count Franz Moritz, General Feldwachtmeister (1756-58) Feldzeugmeister (1759-63)

Lanjus von Wellenburg, Karl Ludwig Count, General Feldwachtmeister (1759-67)

Liechtenstein, Fürst Joseph Wenzel von, General Director of the Artillery (1744-60)

Lorraine, Prince Charles Alexander of, Field-Marshall (1740-57)

Loudon, Baron Ernst Gideon, Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1758-59) Feldzeugmeister (1759-63)

Maquire, Count Johann Sigismund, Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1756-59), Feldzeugmeister (1759-67)

Maria Theresa, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire (1745-80)

Marschall von Burgholzhausen, Ernst Dietrich, Feldzeugmeister (1754-58), Field-Marshall (1758-71)

Nádasdy auf Fogaras, Franz Leopold von, General der Cavallerie (1745-57)

Pálffy ab Erdöd, Rudolf Count, General Feldwachtmeister (1751-57), Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1757-60)

Pfalz-Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld, Friedrich Michael von, General der Cavallerie (1757) Feldmarshall of the Reichsarmee (1758-1761)

Piccolomini, Ottavio II Enea Giuseppe Fürst, Feldzeugmeister (1748-57)

Siskovics, Josef Baron, General Feldwachtmeister (1757-59), Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1759-66)

Ville, Charles-Joseph Canon Marquis, General Feldwachtmeister (1751-57), Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1757-58), General of Cavalry (1758-60)


Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Hereditary Prince of Brunswick (1735-80)


Bercheny, Ladislas Ignace, Comte de, Lieutenant-general (1744-58), Maréchal de France (1758-78)

Bougainville, Louis Antoine de, Aide-de-camp in Canada (1756-1760)

Broglie, Victor François, Duc de, General in Germany (1757-61)

Chevert, François de, Lieutenant-General in Germany (1757-61)

Clermont-en-Argonne, Louis de Bourbon-Condé, Comte de, General in Germany (1758)

Contades, Louis Georges Érasme, Marquis de, General in Germany (1758-59)

Estrées, Louis Charles César Le Tellier, Comte d', General in Germany (1757, 1759, 1762)

Lally-Tollendal, Thomas Arthur Comte de, Commander in India (1756-61)

Lévis, Francois-Gaston, Chevalier de, Commander in Canada (1759-60)

Louis XV, King of France (1715-74)

Maillebois, Yves-Marie Desmarets, Comte de, Lieutenant-General (1748-58)

Montcalm, Louis Joseph de Saint Véran, Marquis de, Commander in Canada (1755-59)

Poyanne, Charles Léonard de Baylenx, Marquis de, Lieutenant-General (1758-63)

Richelieu, Louis François Armand du Plessis, Duc de, Commander at Minorca (1756) and General in Germany (1757)

Rostaing, Philippe Joseph, Comte de, Artillery Officer (1732-93)

Saint-Germain, Claude-Louis, Comte de, Lieutenant-General (1756-60)

Soubise, Charles de Rohan, prince de, General in Germany (1757-62)

Vaudreuil, Pierre François de Rigaud, Marquis de, Governor of Canada (1755-60)

Vogüé, Charles François Elzéar, Marquis de, Lieutenant-General in Germany (1758-1760), Inspector-General of cavalry (1760-62)

Great Britain

Amherst, Lord Jeffrey, General-in-chief in America (1759-60)

Boscawen, Edward, Rear-Admiral (1747-55). Vice-Admiral (1755-58), Admiral (1758-61)

Braddock, Edward, General-in-chief in America (1755)

Clive, Robert, Major-general in India (1756-60)

Coote, Sir Eyre, Lieutenant-general in India (1759-61)

Cumberland, William Augustus, Duke of, General (1740-57)

George II, King of Great Britain (1727-60) and Elector of Hanover (1727-60)

George III, King of Great Britain (1760-1820) and Elector of Hanover (1760-1815)

Granby, John Manners, Marquess of, Major-General (1755-59), Commander-in-chief of the British force in Germany (1759-62)

Hawke, Edward, Commander of the Mediterranean Fleet (1756) and Admiral (1757-66)

Johnson, Sir William, Superintendent of Indian Affairs (1755-74)

Murray, Colonel James, Governor of Canada (1760-66)

Pitt the Elder, William, Secretary of State (1756-61)

Sackville, Lord George Major-General (1755-58). Lieutenant-General (1758) and Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in Germany (1758-59)

Washington, George, Commander of the Virginia Regiment (1755-58)

Wolfe, James, Brigadier-general (1758-59)


George II, Elector of Hanover (1727-60) and King of Great Britain (1727-60)

George III, Elector of Hanover (1760-1815) and King of Great Britain (1760-1820)

Luckner, Count Nikolaus, Lieutenant-general (1761-63)

Spörcken, August Friedrich von, Lieutenant-general (1754-58) General of Infantry (1758-64)


José I, King of Portugal and the Algarves (1750-77)

Lobo da Silveira, Don José António, Baron de Alvito, Marshal of Portugal (1762-68)

Carvalho e Melo, Sebastião José de, Marquis de Pombal, Secretary of State to the Foreign Affairs of Portugal (1750-63)


Prussian generals on the evening before Leuthen - Source: Richard Knötel, 1895

Anhalt-Dessau, Moritz, prince von (aka Prince Moritz), General of Infantry (1745-57), Field-Marshal (1757-60)

August Wilhelm, Prince of Prussia (aka Prince Wilhelm), General of Infantry (1747-57)

Belling, Wilhelm Sebastian von, Commander-in-chief in Pomerania (1761-62)

Brandenburg-Schwedt, Karl Friedrich Albrecht, Markgrave zu General of Infantry (1747-62)

Braunschweig-Bevern, August Wilhelm, Duke of Lieutenant-General (1750-59), General of Infantry (1759-81)

Ferdinand of Brunswick, Field-Marshal (1756-63)

Frederick II, King of Prussia (1740-86)

Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig (aka Prince Henri), younger brother of the king, Lieutenant-General (1757-58) General of Infantry (1758-63)

Keith, James Francis Edward, Field-Marshal (1747-58)

Lehwaldt, Johann von, Field-Marshal (1751-68)

Manteuffel, Heinrich von, Lieutenant-General (1758-63)

Motte Fouqué, Ernst Heinrich August Baron de la, Lieutenant-General (1751-59), General of Infantry (1759-74)

Schwerin, Kurt Christoph, count von, Field-Marshal (1740-57)

Seydlitz, Friedrich Wilhelm von, Lieutenant-General (1757-63)

Werner, Paul von, Major-General (1758-61), Lieutenant-General (1761-85)

Winterfeldt, Hans Karl von, Lieutenant-General (1756-57)

Zieten, Hans Joachim von, General of Cavalry (1756-63)


Apraxin, Count Stepan Fiodorovitch, Commander-in-Chief of the Army (1757)

Buturlin, Alexander Borissovitch, Commander-in-Chief of the Army (1760-1761)

Catherine II, Empress of Russia (1762-96)

Elizabeth Petrovna, Empress of Russia (1741-62)

Fermor, Count Villim Vilimovich, Commander-in-Chief of the Army (1758-1759)

Lubomirski, Prince Kacper, Major-General (1757-1758), Lieutenant-General (1759-1761)

Peter III, Emperor of Russia (1762)

Rumyantsev, Count Pyotr Alexandrovich, Lieutenant-General (in 1758)

Saltykov, Count Piotr Semionovitch, Commander-in-Chief of the Army (1759-1760)

Suvorov, Count Aleksander Vasilievitch, Staff Officer (1758-1763)


Anhalt-Dessau, Friedrich Heinrich Eugen von, General of Cavalry (1754-56)

Franz Xaver, Prince of Saxony, Poland and Lusatia (aka Prince Xavier or Comte de Lusace), Lieutenant-general (1758-63)

Friedrich August II, Prince-Elector of Saxony (1733-63 and King of Poland (1734-1763)

Johann Georg von Sachsen aka Johann George Chevalier de Saxe, Second-in-command (1756)

Rutowsky, Friedrich Augustus, Count, Commander-in-chief (1756)


Charles III, King of Spain (1759-88)

Ferdinand VI, King of Spain (1746-59)

Velasco, Luis de, Governor of El Morro (1762)


Adolf Fredrik, King of Sweden (1751-1771)

Ehrensvärd, Augustin, Commander in chief in Pomerania (1761-1762)

Hamilton, Gustaf David, Commander in chief in Pomerania (1758)

Lantingshausen, Jakob Albrekt, Commander in chief in Pomerania (1758-1761)

Rosen, Gustaf Fredrik von, Commander in chief in Pomerania (1757-1758)

Ungern Sternberg, Mathias Alexander von, Commander in chief in Pomerania (1757)