Portuguese Line Cavalry Organisation

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At the outbreak of war with Spain, in early 1762, the Portuguese cavalry (line cavalry and dragoons) counted 10 regiments cantoned as follows:

  • in Corte
    • Cais
    • Alcantara
  • in the Alentejo
    • Évora
    • Elvas
    • Olivença
    • Moura
  • in Beira
    • Almeida
    • Penamacor
  • in Trás-os-Montes
    • Bragança
    • Chaves

Another decree, on June 26 1762, created a new regiment of cavalry, the Mecklembourg Regiment, under the command of Henrique Garcês Palha de Almeida. Effective command was assumed by colonel João Sampayo Mello e Castro. The addition of this new regiment brought the number of mounted regiments, excluding the light cavalry, to 11 with a theoretical strength of 4,620 men for the coming campaign. In reality, these regiments were chronically understrength.

N.B.: the Voluntários Reais (Royal Regiment of Volunteers), a mixed body of infantry and cavalry whose men were taken from other line units, are not included in the above figures.

Composition and Organisation

Regimental Staff

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Organisation of a Regiment

At the beginning of 1762, each cavalry or dragoon regiment counted 10 companies, each of 42 men.

A decree, dated April 16 1762, added 4 companies to each cavalry and dragoon regiment, thus bringing the total strength of a regiment to 14 companies. Then, on April 21, it was decided that the 40 additional companies would not joined the regiments to which they were originally destined but would rather form 4 new light cavalry regiments.

Squadron Staff

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Organisation of a Company

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Manuel Ribeiro Rodrigues and Joseph O'Neil for the initial version of this article.