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Image of the week: Prussian Hussar Sabre, early type‎
Courtesy: Tomasz Karpiński

The Seven Years' War Project now offers free access to 2,498 articles and 4,087 images.

From October 17 to 23, we have created/improved the following articles:

Hint Thanks mainly to the efforts of Tony Flores, we are currently improving the quality of many maps and adding new ones. Some of you might not know that the maps with the highest resolution are not displayed by default. So to get these high resolution maps, please use the following example:

  • in the main article, click on the map, this will display a page containing a map with a higher resolution
  • just below the map, check for the links identified as Other resolutions and click on the highest resolution offered

...you'll be surprised by the quality of these maps, especially for those published recently.