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Image of the week: Italian Luzzara Infantry uniform in 1762. Drawn by Frédéric Aubert with the collaboration of Richard Couture, Michael Zahn and Jocelyne Chevanelle

The Seven Years' War Project now offers free access to 2,512 articles and 4,093 images.

This week, with the collaboration of Stephen Westfall, we are introducing a new type of articles: Voices from the Past which give a glimpse of the daily life of soldiers and civilians during the conflict. I hope you will appreciate these new short articles.

From November 28 to December 4, we have created/improved the following articles:

...and Michael Zahn, a member of our group, has recently found that the Library of the Duchess Anna Amalia in Weimar has recently published a high quality digitized version of the three volumes of the classic work of Adolph Menzel Die Armee Friedrich's des Grossen in ihrer Uniformirung, a must see!