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The Seven Years' War Project now offers free access to 2,422 articles and 3,812 images.

A very prolific week with the usual updates to several articles and a major overhaul of our articles on the 1757 campaign in Bohemia and on the combat of Reichenberg based on the second volume of the Neues Generalstabswerk. In the next weeks we will also enhance our article on the Battle of Prague based on this same source.

Image of the week: Map of the Prussian attack on Friedland in 1757 - Source: Grosser Generalstab

We have also published new images (for more details see Recent Changes):

  • 4 revised French uniform plates by Frédéric Aubert
  • 1 revised and 1 new French standards by Frédéric Aubert
  • 2 new maps by the German Grosser Generalstab'