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Russian cuirassiers had three distinct uniforms:

  • a parade uniform
  • a service uniform
  • a uniform while not on active duty

Our plate depict the service uniform.

The parade uniform was very similar but a leather jerkin (kollet) was worn instead of the coat and waistcoat. While not on active service, the heavy chamois coat made of thick leather was simply replaced by a more comfortable blue coat lined and edged in red with a red collar, red lapels and red cuffs.


Service uniform in 1757 - Source: Frédéric Aubert
Uniform Details
Headgear black tricorne (reinforced with an iron skullcap for combat) laced gold, with a white cockade on the left side fastened with a white strap and a small copper button
Neckstock black
Coat chamois lined and edged in red; fastened with hooks and eyes
Collar chamois laced red
Shoulder straps none
Lapels none
Pockets none
Cuffs chamois laced red
Turnbacks chamois laced red
Gloves buff
Waistcoat sleeved red waistcoat fastened with hooks and eyes
Breeches buff with white knee covers
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt natural leather
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box black with a copper plate carrying the regimental arms
Scabbard black leather
Footgear black boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth red without lace
Housings red without lace
Blanket roll cornflower blue cape lined red with a red collar

Troopers were armed with a short carbine, two pistols and a sabre. Cuirassiers also wore a blackened iron breastplate decorated with a brass imperial cipher and bordered red. This breastplate was worn over the coat and waistcoat.

The horses of the troopers were mostly black or dark brown.


Corporals, armourers, quartermasters and sergeants wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with the following distinctions:

  • gold stripes above the red lace on collar, lapels and cuffs (1 stripe for corporals, 2 stripes for armourers and quartermasters, 3 stripes for sergeants)


Officers wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers but made of fabric instead of leather and with the following distinctions:

  • golden laced tricorne bordered with golden plumes
  • gold stripes on the red lace of the coat edges, collar, lapels and cuffs (thin 1/3” stripe for subaltern officers and large 3/4” stripe for superior officers)
  • red waistcoat edged with a chamois braid carrying a gold stripe (thin 1/3” stripe for subaltern officers and large 3/4” stripe for superior officers)
  • red breeches
  • black and gold silken sash worn over the breastplate
  • red saddlecloth and housings laced gold (thin 1/2” stripe for subaltern officers, one thin 1/2” stripe and one wide 1” stripe for superior officers) carrying the imperial cipher

Sometimes, for sulbaltern officers, the holster caps were edged with blue lace.