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During summer, Russian horse grenadiers did not wear coats. These were left in the baggage. For this reason, we present two different plates.


Uniform in 1757 - Source: Frédéric Aubert

Summer uniform in 1757 - Source: Frédéric Aubert
Uniform Details
Headgear until 1759: mitre with a brass front plate embossed with trophies of weapons and standards and carrying in its centre the regimental coat of arms surmounted by the Imperial Eagle, a black leather skull-cap and neck guard with brass reinforcements and decorations, a white wool pompom

from December 29 1759: black felt tricorne laced white with a white cockade on the left fastened with a bronze button, the tricorne was reinforced with an iron skullcap for combat

Neckstock black
Coat cornflower blue lined red; with copper buttons and red trimmed buttonholes

N.B.: the coat was not worn during summer

Collar red
Shoulder straps none
Lapels none
Pockets none
Cuffs red with 3 copper buttons
Turnbacks red
Gloves buff
Waistcoat chamois leather fastened with hooks and eyes; with cornflower blue collar and cuffs (3 copper buttons on each cuff); horizontal pockets, each with 3 copper buttons
Breeches chamois leather with white knee covers
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt natural leather
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box and grenade pouch black with a copper plate carrying the regimental arms
the grenade pouch was removed after December 29 1759
Scabbard black leather
Footgear black boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth fawn-coloured without lace
Housings fawn-coloured without lace
Blanket roll n/a

Troopers were armed with a short carbine, a bayonet, two pistols and a sabre (more precisely a straight blade Pallasch until December 29 1759 and then a curved blade sabre).


Corporals wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers.

Other NCOs wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with the following distinctions:

  • gold laced collar
  • gold laced cuffs:
    • 1 stripe for Unterfähnrich
    • 2 stripes for armourers and quartermasters
    • 3 stripes for sergeant


Officers wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with the following distinctions:

  • genadier mitre with gold decorations
  • gilt buttons
  • no turnbacks
  • black and gold silken sash
  • yellow saddlecloth and housings laced gold carrying the imperial cipher


Musicians wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with the following distinctions:

  • swallow nests at the shoulders
  • tricorne (only for the kettle-drummer)

The kettle-drum and trumpets were made of copper. The banners were of the colour of the squadron standards. The banner of the kettle-drum was embroidered and fringed in gold.

Drums were made in copper, the regimental coat of arms engraved in the front, bordered in red and blue, blue and white cords.