Upper Rhine District Artillery

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Origin and History

The Upper Rhine District artillery was just one of the contingents forming the Reichsreserveartillerie, please refer to the latter article for details on origin, history and organisation of the unit.

Service during the War

See Reichsreserveartillerie



Uniform of the Buchsenmeister in 1757 - Source: David from Not By Appointment
Uniform in 1757
Headgear black tricorne laced yellow with a black cockade fastened with a yellow strap and a small yellow button; a white within green pompom in each lateral corne
Neckstock black
Coat iron grey with brass buttons and 1 brass button on each side in the small of the back
Collar green
Shoulder Straps none
Lapels none
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 brass buttons
Cuffs green with 1 brass button; another brass button on each sleeve above the cuff
Turnbacks green
Waistcoat green
Breeches straw
Gaiters black
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt no information available
Waistbelt no information available
Cartridge Box no information available
Bayonet Scabbard no information available
Scabbard no information available
Footgear black shoes


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