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During the 6th century BC, a precinct dedicated to the healing hero Amynos was erected on the south slope of the Areopagos. The walls of the precinct were built of limestone blocks in the polygonal style. The gate at the entrance of the precinct gave directly on a road leading to the Akropolis. This road served mostly for wheeled carts.

The precinct contained a sacred well reputed to have healing power. The well-curb was also made of poros. An open air shrine stood on a leveled terrace immediately to the northeast of the well. A marble altar was located in the center of this terrace.

Votive offerings were placed in various locations within the precinct. A small stoa with wooden columns was probably also located in this precinct.

Later Features

Sophocles erected an altar to Asklepios within this precinct shortly after 421 BC.


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