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Glossary of Greek Terms
agon contest épreuve  
pl. akroteria
- acrotère architectural element consisting of a pedestal and its supported decoration, it is located on a corner of the roof, or at the peak of a pediment
amazonomachy - - a battle between Amazons and Greeks
anta - - protuding extremity of a wall, usually thicker than the wall itself
- architrave architrave architectural element constituting the lower part of the entablature and consisting of a horizontal beam resting directly on the columns
arkhaios ancient ancien  
arrhephoroi - - young Athenian maidens selected among the nobility to assist the priestess of Athena Polias
cella - - see naos, the term was also used to designate the entire inner building when it consisted of a naos and of another room
centauromachy - - a battle between Centaurs and Lapiths
crepidoma platform plateforme the set of platforms supporting a building, it includes the stereobate, the middle platform and the stylobate
- entablature - architectural element of a building resting on the columns, it consists of the architrave, the frieze and the cornice
entasis bulge renflement a very slight bulging approximately at the center of a column, it corrects the illusion of concavity produced by parallel straight lines
ergasterion workshop atelier  
eschara grill grille a pit to receive sacrifices to the gods of the underworld
- frieze frise architectural element constituting the middle part of the entablature (between the architrave and the cornice) and consisting of an alternance of metopes and triglyphs (Doric order) or of a band of relief (Ionic order)
gigantomachy - - a battle between Gods and Giants
guttae - goutte architectural element of the Doric order entablature, it usually consists of three cylinders placed under a regulae
heroon hero shrine - sanctuary dedicated to a hero
metoikos - métèque a foreigner residing in Attic and not recognised as an Athenian citizen
metope metope métope architectural element of the Doric order entablature, it consists of a panel alternating with triglyphs in the frieze, it could be painted, sculptured or plain
naiskos - - diminutive of the Greek word naos, it designates a small temple or a shrine
naos - - room of a temple where the cult statue of the god was located
opisthodomos - - the porch at the rear of the naos, it served as a back entrance into the temple
- pediment fronton ornamented triangular end on the roof above a portico (pronaos and opisthodomos) of a temple, also applies to decorated gables of a profane building
peristylon peristyle péristyle the group of columns around a building or surrounding the inner court of a building
pronaos - vestibule the porch in the front of the naos, it served as the main entrance into the temple
propylon gateway entrée monumental entrance to a sacred enclosure