Olympeion Surroundings

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The Vicinities of the Olympeion
Dionysion in Limnai
Lawcourt at the Delphinion
Palestra of Taureas
Shrine of Kodros, Neleus and Basile
Temple of Apollo Delphinios
Temple of Kronos and Rhea


Besides the Olympeion, an unfinished monumental temple dedicated to Zeus, this part of the city housed several official and religious buildings such as the Temple of Apollo Delphinios, the Lawcourt at the Delphinion, the Temple of Kronos and Rhea, the Shrine of Olympian Ge.

Later Features

From the remains of the Palladion Lawcourt found west of the Olympieion, it seems that this lawcourt was erected towards the end of the 4th century BC. However, it is not clear whether an older lawcourt already existed at the same location. This lawcourt served for cases related to unintentional homicides.

The Panhellenion was built in 132 AD to the south of the Olympieion, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadian. It was dedicated to Hera and Zeus Panhellenios.


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To do

  1. Determine if the shrine of Olympian Ge located to the south of the Olympeion already existed in 421 BC.