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Ship-sheds of the Peiraieus were aligned around the harbors of Kantharos, Zea and Munikhia to shelter and repair the triremes of the fleet. Zea, the main naval harbor counted 196 ship-sheds, Munikhia 82 and Kantaros 94 on its south side.

These ship-sheds were in fact covered and inclined slipways. During winter, the triremes were hauled into the sheds, their hull was then covered with a protective coat of pitch and wax based varnish to prevent rotting.

The ship-sheds around the harbor of Zea measured 6 m wide by 40 m long and were grouped in units of four. In a unit, columns separated ship-sheds. The slipways were cut in the rock. Part of the equipment of the triremes were stored on board, and in the ship-sheds but most were kept in large warehouses.


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