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Towards the middle of the 5th century BC, a temple to Apollo Delphinios was built to the south of the Olympeion. In fact, both Apollo Delphinios and Artemis Delphinia were worshipped in this temple. According to Pausanias, an earlier Mycenaean temple may have stood in this location before the construction of the new temple around 450 BC.

The new temple was of the Doric order, peripteral, amphistyle and in antis. Exceptionally, this temple might have been left without any painted decoration.

The temple was mostly built of poros blocks (stylobate, columns, antae, euthynteria...).

The abaca measured between 1.20 and 1.37 m.

The metope were probably of marble.

The simas were of Parian marble.

The akroteria of each pediments were of Parian marble.

The roof tiles were of marble.


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