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The Ionic temple of Artemis Agrotera (Huntress) was erected in 448 BC outside the city walls, in the district of Agrai, on a rise to the south of the Ilissos River. It was made of marble (including some Parian marble) and its plan was almost identical to the one of the temple of Athena Nike on the Akropolis. For this reason, it is believed that Kallikrates was the architect responsible for the building of the temple of Artemis Agrotera.

Each year for the anniversary of the victory of Marathon, several goats were sacrificed to Artemis in this precinct.

The cult statue of Artemis carried a bow.

The poros foundations of the temple measured 14.60 m long by 7.80 m wide.

The frieze measured 0.468 m high.

The precinct was delimited to the north by a 1.10 m thick wall retaining the terrace on which the temple stood.


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