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Soon after the victory of the Greeks over the Persians, Themistokles founded the construction of the temple of Artemis Aristoboule (Good Counsel) near his house in the quarter of Melite, probably in 478 BC.

The temple was located at the angle of two streets: the large street leading from the Agora to the Peiraic Gate and the lesser street coming from the Demian Gate and joining the former just west of the temple. It measured some 6 m long and faced West.

Themistokles was ostracised somewhere between 476 and 471 BC and it seems that, in the following years, the temple was partly destroyed and deserted. Very few remains of this original temple have been found, making it quite difficult to represent it.

Later features

The temple was rebuilt around 330 BC. The plans available in specialized publications depict this new temple.


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