1756 - Treaty of Versailles

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The treaty was signed on May 1, 1756


The Treaty of Versailles of 1756 was a treaty of neutrality and mutual defence signed at the Palace of Versailles on May 1, 1756 between Maria Theresa of Austria and Louis XV of France.

By this treaty, France promised not to enter into the Austrian Netherlands nor any other Austrian possession during the incoming conflict. For its part Austria took the engagement to remain completely neutral. At the same time both countries agreed to assist each other, to the exception of the period of the incoming war, in case of any attack against their possessions in Europe. If such an attack occurred, each of them had to send 24,000 men to the assistance of the attacked party or give a subsidy allowing to pay for an equivalent number of troops.

However, secret articles of the treaty extended the agreement of mutual defence to the incoming conflict. In another secret article France pledged not to renew its alliance with Prussia.


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