1758 - Russian invasion of East Prussia – Russian Army OOB June

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Order of battle of the Russian army around June 17, 1758

Commander-in-chief: General en Chef Villim Vilimovich Count Fermor assisted by:

  • General-Quartermaster von Stoffeln
  • Commander of Artillery Major-General Nothelfer (also commanding the artillery of the 1st Division)
  • Commander of Engineers Colonel du Moulin
  • War Commissary Major-General von Karabanov

Main Army

(under Fermor’s direct command)


The main army counted

  • 56 bns and 48 grenadier coys with 112 regimental pieces and 26 Shvalov Secret Howitzers
  • 46 regular sqns with 22 regimental pieces
  • 23 hussar sqns1,000
  • 39 Cossack sotnias
  • 80 field pieces and a number of pontoons

For a total of 51,000 men: 5,600 regular cavalry, 3,400 hussars, 1,200 artillerymen and engineers and 3,400 Cossacks (including a small number of Volga Kalmyks).

The exact distribution of the filed artillery among the various divisions is not known. Overall, there were 6 artillery brigades with a total of 80 field pieces.

1st Division

Lieutenant-General Yvan Saltykov, assisted by:

  • Commander of Artillery Major-General Nothelfer
  • Major-General Prince Lubomirski
  • Major-General Panin
  • Major-General Diez
  • Major-General Yvan von Manteuffel-Zöge
  • Brigadier Uvarov
  • Brigadier Nikolai Leontiev
  • Brigadier Kotoshkin
  • Brigadier Siewers

Infantry (32 bns in 16 rgts, forming 4 brigades)

Light Troops (3 sqns and 7 sotnias)

2nd Division

Lieutenant-General Prince Golitsyn, assisted by:

  • Commander of Artillery Major-General Holmers
  • Major-General Palmenbach
  • Major-General Leontiev
  • Major-General Plemmiannikov
  • Brigadier Berg
  • Brigadier Prince Dolgorukov

Infantry (24 bns in 12 rgts, forming 3 brigades)

Light Troops (10 sqns and 5 sotnias)

N.B.: 9 sqns of horse grenadiers and 3 rgts of dragoons were temporarily attached to the 2nd Division from the end of June to the beginning of July before being transferred to Rumyantsev’s 3rd Division.

3rd Division

Lieutenant-General Count Rumyantsev, assisted by:

  • Major-General Mordvinov
  • Major-General Demiku
  • Brigadier Stoyanov

Cuirassiers (19 sqns)

Horse Grenadiers (15 sqns)

Dragoons (9 sqns)


On the March to join the Main Army

  • 20 copper pontoons (would reach Posen on July 7)
  • Don Cossacks (3,400 men) under Major-General Yefremov (would join the army between August 23 and 25)

Observation Corps

By that time, the Observation Corps (15,000 men) had reached Thorn and would not effect a junction with the main army before the end of July.

General en Chef Browne, assisted by:

  • Lieutenant-General Chernyshev
  • Lieutenant-General Prince Dolgorukov
  • Major-General Borosdin
  • Major-General Olitz
  • Brigadier Fast
  • Brigadier von Thiesenhausen

Infantry (14 bns in 5 rgts with 78 regimental pieces)

Field Artillery (32 field pieces, 900 men including engineers)


Occupation Corps on the Vistula and in East Prussia

Lieutenant-General Resanov, assisted by:

  • Brigadier Numers
  • Brigadier Hartwig
  • Brigadier von Treyden
  • Brigadier von Essen

Infantry (16 bns in 8 rgts with 32 regimental pieces and probably 4 Shuvalov Secret Howitzers)

Cavalry (4 sqns, 3 sotnias)


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