1761 - French campaign in Western Germany

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The campaign lasted from April to December 1761

Description of Events

This article rapidly becoming quite large has been split into five distinct articles:

  1. Preliminary operations (April 20 to May 30, 1761) describing the general situation after the Allied surprise attack against the French winter quarters in Hesse and the minor operations who took place before the opening of the campaign.
  2. Campaign till the battle of Vellinghausen (June 1 to July 26, 1761) describing the French manoeuvres to make a junction of their two armies, the battle of Vellinghausen and the stalemate which resulted after this battle.
  3. French first attempt against Hanover (July 27 to September 6, 1761) describing Broglie's march through Westphalia, Soubise's advance on Münster, Broglie's first advance into Hanover, and Ferdinand's counter-attack towards Münden.
  4. French second attempt against Hanover (September 7 to October 5, 1761) describing Broglie's second advance into Hanover, Soubise's operations in East Frisia, and Ferdinand's counter-attack towards Kassel.
  5. French and Allied last operations (October 6 to December 31, 1761) describing Prince Xavier's operations against Wolfenbüttel and Braunschweig, Ferdinand's offensive on Einbeck, and the winter-quarters of each army.


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