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The treaty was signed on May 22, 1762


The Treaty of Saint Petersburg, signed on May 5 1762 between Prussia and Russia, accelerated peace negotiations between Prussia and Sweden. The Swedish state was nearing bankruptcy and the new alliance concluded between Russia and Prussia posed a serious threat to Sweden.

The negotiators met in Hamburg: Aldolf Fredrik von Olthoff representing Sweden and von Hecht representing Prussia.

On May 22 of the same year, the treaty of Hamburg was signed between Prussia and Sweden. Queen Lovisa Ulrika of Sweden, Frederick II's beloved sister, had acted as mediator. Frederick informed the Swedish senate in Stockholm that the only reason why he consented to this treaty was because of his sister's mediation.

The treaty re-established the pre-war borders between the two states in spite of the Swedish pretensions on Demmin and on the islands Usedom and Wollin.

On May 29, King Adolf Fredrik of Sweden ratified the treaty.


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