Alcântara Cavalry

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Origin and History

The regiment was raised on November 15 1707.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was under the command of:

Service during the War

During the campaign of 1762, was initially attached to the main Anglo-Portuguese army where its 3 troops were deployed in the first line of cavalry of the right wing. On October 31, brigadier Fraser commanded a column composed of 2nd Moura Infantry (Monney), 9 Portuguese grenadier coys (under lieutenant-colonel Michaelis), Alcântara Cavalry and Aveiro Cavalry; recently reinforced by 2nd Lisboa Infantry (count da Ponte), 1st Lagos Infantry (count de Vimieiro) and 2nd Faro Infantry (Francisco de Lima) with 4 mountain pieces. This corps occupyed the heights between Mação and Val da Velha


Very little is known about the uniform of this regiment during the Seven Years' War. By 1740, the coat was white (not alvadia) lined red with red cuffs and collar; the waistcoat and breeches were red. We don't know if this uniform remained unchanged throughout the Seven Years War. However, an illustration depicting the regiment in 1783, still shows red cuffs and red turnbacks (therefore red-lining), but with yellow breeches.


The exact pattern of the Portuguese colonel colours during the Seven Years' War is unknown.

The ordonnance colours were chosen by the colonel of the regiment. For the moment, we have found no source depicting specific colours for this regiment.


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Manuel Ribeiro Rodrigues and Joseph O'Neill for the information and counselling provided for this article.