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This page lists free eBooks pertaining to the general history of the XVIIIth century but more specifically to the Seven Years' War and its various campaigns. You can download these eBooks from various sources on the Web.

Please feel free to suggest new books to add to this list. To do so, just contact us specifying the URL where a given book is available.

English Language Publications

Almon, John, An impartial history of the late war, London, 1763 (from Google Books)

Amherst, Jeffery; The journal of Jeffery Amherst, recording the military career of General Amherst in America from 1758 to 1763 (from Archive.org)

Anon. (a sergeant-major of the grenadiers of Hopson's 40th Foot); A Journal of the expedition up the River St. Lawrence : containing a true and most particular account of the transactions of the fleet and army under the command of Admiral Saunders and General Wolfe, from the time of their embarkation at Louisbourg 'til after the surrender of Quebeck (from Archive.org)

Anon. (an officer of Fraser's 78th Highlanders); Journal of the particular transactions during the siege of Quebec at anchor opposite the island of Orleans, July 26th, 1759, Québec (from Archive.org)

Anon.; A Journal of the siege of Quebec: to which is annexed a correct plan of the environs of Quebec and of the battle fought on the 13th September, 1759 (from Archive.org)

Archenholz, J. W., The History of the Seven Years War in Germany, translated by F. A. Catty (from Google Books)

Blake, Henry T.; The battle of Lake George (September 8, 1755) and the men who won it, 1909 (from Archive.org)

Braddock, Edward; Major General Edward Braddock's orderly books, from February 26 to June 17, 1755, Cumberland, Md.: Will H. Lowdermilk, 1878 (from Archive.org)

Cambridge, Richard Owen; An account of the war in India: between the English and French, on the coast of Coromandel, from 1750 to the year 1760, London: Jefferys, 1761 (from Google Books)

Cust, sir Edward, Annals of the wars of the eighteenth century, London: John Murray, 1862 (from Google Books)

Dobson, John; Chronological annals of the war: from its beginning to the present time. In two parts. Part I. Containing from April 2, 1755, to the end of 1760. Part II.--From the beginning of 1761, to the signing of the preliminaries of the peace, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1763 (from Google Books)

Drake, Samuel Gardner, and William Shirley; A Particular History of the Five Years French and Indian War in New England and Parts Adjacent; Albany: Joel Munsell, 1870 (from Google Books)

Farrington, Thomas, and Samuel Tarbell; Papers relating to the companies of Captain Thomas Farrington and Captain Samuel Tarbell, both raised in Groton, Massachusetts, during the French and Indian War, edited by Samuel Abbott Green (from Archive.org)

Gardiner, captain A. Memoirs of the siege of Quebec, capital of all Canada, and of the retreat of Monsieur de Bourlemaque, from Carillon to the Isle aux Noix in Lake Champlain, From the journal of a French officer on board the Chezine frigate, Québec, 1901 (from Archive.org)

Gridley, Luke; Luke Gridley's diary of 1757 while in service in the French and Indian war (from Archive.org)

Hadden, James; Washington's expeditions (1753-1754) and Braddock's expedition (1755) with history of Tom Fausett, the slayer of General Edward Braddock, Uniontown, Pa., 1910 (from Archive.org)

Harper, John Murdoch; The Battle of the Plains, Toronto: Mussen Book, 1909 (from Archive.org)

Hawks, major John; Orderly book and journal of Major John Hawks on the Ticonderoga-Crown Point campaign, under General Jeffrey Amherst, 1759-1760, New York: Society of Colonial Wars, 1911 (from Archive.org)

Holden, David; Journal kept by Sergeant David Holden of Groton, Mass, during the latter part of the French and Indian War, edited by Samuel A. Green, Cambridge: John Wilson and son, 1889 (from Archive.org)

Hume, David; T. Smollett and W. Jones; The History of England, London: Thomas Tegg, 1828 (from Google Books)

Jenks, Samuel; Diary of Captain Samuel Jenks during the French and Indian war 1760; Cambridge: John Wilson and Son, 1890 (from Archive.org)

Johnstone, James; Memoirs of the Chevalier de Johnstone, translated from the original French MS. of the chevalier by C. Winchester, Aberdeen: D. Wyllie & son, 1870-71 (from Archive.org)

  • Vol. 1 - The war in Scotland in 1745-46
  • Vol. 2 – From his escape after the battle of Culloden to his proceeding to Canada
  • Vol. 3 – The War in Canada

Knowles, sir Bartholomew Lees, Minden and the Seven Years' War, London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., 1914 (from Archive.org)

Knox, captain John; An historical journal of the campaigns in North America for the years 1757, 1758, 1759 and 1760: containing the most remarkable occurrences of that period particularly the two sieges of Quebec (from Archive.org)

Kugler Franz, Edward Aubrey Moriarty, Adolph Menzel; The Pictorial History of Germany: During the Reign of Frederick the Great: Comprehending a Complete History of the Silesian Campaigns, and the Seven Years War, H.G. Bohn, London, 1845 (from Google Books) (N.B.: contains wonderful black and white illustrations made by Adolph Menzel)

Lawrence, Thomas; Papers relating to Captain Thomas Lawrence's company, raised in Groton, Massachusetts, during the French and Indian war, 1758; Samuel Abbott Green (from Archive.org)

Lincoln, Charles Henry; A list of additional manuscripts of the French and Indian war in the library of the (American Antiquarian) Society; Worcester, Mass., 1908 (from Archive.org) (N.B.: contains the Keppel Manuscripts in full, an account of the Battle of the Monongahela)

Lincoln, Charles Henry; Manuscript records of the French and Indian war in the library of the (American Antiquarian) Society; Worcester, Mass., 1909 (from Archive.org) (N.B.: contains the Sir William Johnson Manuscripts, the Col. John Bradstreet Manuscripts, Additional Manuscripts of the French and Indian War, and the Orderly Book of Lieut. William Henshaw)

Lloyd, Henry, The History of the Late War in Germany: Between the King of Prussia, and the Empress of Germany and her Allies, Hooper London, 1781 (all volumes from Google Books)

Mante, Thomas; The history of the late war in North America and the islands of the West-Indies including the campaigns of 1763 and 1764 against His Majesty's Indian enemies, London, 1772 (from Archive.org)

Miles, Henry Hopper; The history of Canada under French régime. 1535-1763, Montreal: Lawson Brothers, 1881 (from Google Books)

Moncrief, major; A short account of the expedition against Quebec commanded by Major-General Wolfe in the year 1759, Québec (from Archive.org)

Officer who served in the British forces (probably Hotham), The operations of the allied army: under the command of His Serene Highness Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswic and Luneberg, during the greatest part of six campaigns, beginning in the year 1757, and ending in the year 1762, T. Jefferys, London, 1764 (from Google Books)

Owen, Edward J; The burial of Lord Viscount Howe, killed in the French and Indian war, Albany N.Y.: Brandow 1893 (from Archive.org)

Parkman, Francis; Montcalm and Wolfe (from Project Gutenberg)

also available at Nova Scotia's Electric Gleaner, this version includes internal navigation links that enable direct linking to individual chapters

Pouchot, Pierre; Memoir upon the late war in North America, between the French and English, 1755-60; followed by observations upon the theatre of actual war, and by new details concerning the manners and customs of the Indians; with topographical maps, translated by Benjamin Hough Franklin, 1866 (from Archive.org)

Putnam, Rufus; Journal of Gen Rufus Putnam kept in northern New York during four campaigns of the old French and Indian war 1757-1760, Albany: Joel Munsell & sons, 1886 (from Google Books)

Ramsay, David; Military memoirs of Great Britain: or, A history of the war, 1755-1763, Edinburgh, 1779 (from Google Books)

Richards, Frederick B.; The Black Watch at Ticonderoga and Major Duncan Campbell of Inverawe (from Archive.org)

Rogers, Mary Cochrane; A battle fought on snow shoes : Rogers' Rock, Lake George, March 13, 1758, Derry N.H., 1917 (from Archive.org)

Rogers, Robert; Journal of Major Robert Rogers, Worcester Mass.: American Antiquarian Society, 1918 (from Archive.org)

Rogers, Robert and Caleb Stark; Reminiscences of the French war; containing Roger's expeditions with the New-England rangers under his command, as published in London in 1765; with notes and illustrations. To which is added an account of the life and military services of Maj. Gen. John Stark; with notices and anecdotes of other officers distinguished in the French and revolutionary wars, Concord: Luther Roby, 1831 (from Archive.org)

Sargent, Winthrop; The history of an expedition against Fort Du Quesne in 1755, Philadelphia, 1855 (from Archive.org)

Tielke, J. G., An Account of some the most remarkable events of the War between the Prussians, Austrians, and Russians from 1756 to 1763; and a Treatise on several branches of the Military Art, with Plans and Maps, translated from the second edition of the German Original by Captain C. Craufurd & Captain R. Craufurd, Vol. 2, London, 1788 (from Google Books) 1758 Prusssian-Russian Zorndorf Campaign – Notes: among other it includes a vivid and authentic portrait of the Russian Army and excellent maps & orbats.

Tomlinson, Abraham; The Military Journals of Two Private Soldiers 1758-1775, Bedford: Applewood Books, 1855 (from Google Books)

Waddell, Alfred; A colonial officer and his times, 1754-1773 : a biographical sketch of Gen. Hugh Waddell, of North Carolina : with notices of the French and Indian War in the southern colonies, Raleigh N.C.: Edwards and Broughton, 1890 (from Archive.org)

Watts, William; Memoirs of the revolution in Bengal, Anno. Dom. 1757, London: A. Millar, 1760 (from Google Books)

Whitefield, George; A short address to persons of all denominations, occasioned by the alarm of an intended invasion, London: Strahan, 1756 (from Google Books)

French Language Publications

Anon.: Tableau Général De L'Europe Belligérante En MDCCLIX (from SLUB Dresden)

Anonymous officer, Journal de la Campagne de M.DCC.LX. (1760). Entre l’Armée du Roi aux ordres de Monseigneur le Maréchal Duc de Broglie; Et celle des Alliés, commandée par S.A.S. Mgr. le Prince Ferdinand de Brunswich, où l’on a joint les Opérations des deux Armées aux mois de Février & Mars M.DCC.LXI, par M* L* R* D* B*, Officier de Dragons & Aide-de-Camp de M. le Marquis de B* (Béthune, lieutenant-général, commandant la cavalerie en 1760), Frankfurt, 1761 (from Google Books) French 1760 & Winter 1761 Campaign – Notes: includes a number of great sketches/maps (Korbach, Kloster Kamp and others)

Bourcet, Pierre Joseph, Mémoires historiques sur la guerre que les Français ont soutenu en Allemagne depuis 1757 jusqu'en 1762 - Tome 1 (from Google Books)

Broglie, Charles François Chevalier de: Journal De La Defense De Cassel En 1761, Francfort: Broenner (from Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum)

Broglie, Victor François de; Memoires pour servir à l'histoire de la Campagne de 1761 en Hesse et en Westphalie; La Haye and Frankfurt, 1762 (from Google Books)

Bünau, Henri Comte de: Detail De La Presente Guerre, ou Histoire Circonstanciée De La Guerre entre La France Et La Grande Bretagne Et Ses Alliés En Allemagne, Ratisbonne, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Ulm, 1763-1766 (from the Landesbibliothek Oldenburg)

Chevrier, Antoine, Histoire de la Campagne de Mille Sept Cent Cinquante Sept, sur le Bas-Rhin, dans l’Électorat d’Hanovre et autres pais conquis, Frankfurt, 1757 (from Google Books) French 1757 Campaign

Chevrier, Antoine, Histoire de la Campagne de 1758 - Contenant tout ce qui s'est passé d'intéressant dans l'Electorat de Hanovre, la Principauté d'Emden, le Landgraviat de Cassel, la Westphalie, Bas-Rhin & le Comté de Hanau. Depuis le commencement de cette année jusqu'à la fin du mois de Juillet, Frankfurt, 1758 (from Google Books) French 1758 Campaign

Dussauge, André (Capitaine), Etudes sur la guerre de Sept Ans. Le ministère de Belle-Isle., Vol. I. Krefeld et Lütterberg (1758); Paris: Fournier, 1914 (from Gallica)

Jomini, Antoine Henri, Histoire critique et militaire des guerres de Frédéric II: comparées au système moderne, Bruxelles, 1842

Jomini, Antoine Henri, Traité de grande tactique ou relation de la guerre de sept ans, extraite de Tempelhof, commentée et comparée aux principales opérations de la dernière guerre, Paris: Magimel, 1805-1806 (all volumes from Google Books)

Jomini, Antoine Henri, Traité des grandes opérations militaires, Paris, 1811 (all volumes from Google Books)

Kausler, Franz v.: Atlas des plus mémorables batailles, combats et siéges des temps anciens, du moyen age et de l'age moderne en 200 feuilles, Dessau, 1847

  • Vol. 1 (includes a German version)

Louis XV: Ordonnance du roi Concernant le corps des Saxons au Service de sa Majesté du 13 Mars 1759, Versailles, 1759

Ormay, Lalluyaux d': Plans des camps de la campagne de 1757 depuis Wesel jusques et compris le passage du Veser (from Gallica)

M.L.R.D.B.: Journal De La Campagne De M. DCC. LX.: Entre l'Armée du Roi aux ordres de Monseigneur le Maréchal Duc de Broglie; Et celle des Alliés, commandée par S. A. S. Mgr. le Prince Ferdinand De Brunswich, où l'on a joint les Opérations des deux Armées aux mois de Février et Mars M. DCC. LXI., Francfort, 1761 (from Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum) Campaign of 1760 and operations during the Spring of 1761

Moreau, Jacob Nicolas: Memoires Pour Servir À L'Histoire De Notre Tems - Campagnes Du Marechal Duc De Broglie Prince Du St. Empire Romain, Commendant En Chef Les Armées Françoises En Allemagne 1759-1761, Leipzig and Francfort, 1761 (from Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden)

Pajol, Le comte, Les guerres sous Louis XV

Rambaud, Alfred; Henri Ganier; Russes et Prussiens: Guerre de Sept Ans, 1895 (from Google Books, downloadable only from the U.S.)

Rösch, Jakob Friedrich von: Collection de quarande deux plans de batailles, sièges et affaires les plus mémorables de la Guerre de Sept Ans, Frankfurt: Jaeger, 1790 (from SLUB Dresden)

Waddington, Richard: Louis XV et le renversement des alliances : préliminaires de la Guerre de sept ans, 1754-1756, Paris:Firmin-Didot, 1896 (from Gallica)

Waddington, Richard: La guerre de sept ans : histoire diplomatique et militaire, Paris:Firmin-Didot, 1899-1914 (from Gallica)

German Language Publications

Anon.: Capitulations-Puncte von Schweidnitz, Breslau (from SLUB Dresden)

Anon.: Denkwürdigkeiten der drey Belagerungen Colbergs durch die Russen in den Jahren 1758, 1760 und 1761, Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1763 (from SLUB Dresden)

Anon.: Schematische Verzeichniß Wie hoch sich die Reichs-Armee nach denen Reichs-Gutachten in Simplo und Triplo gerechnet, jedesmalen beträgt, circa 1757 (from SLUB Dresden)

Anon.; Zuverlässige Nachrichten von der Königlich-Preussischen Armee; Magdeburg: Carl H. Hemmerde, 1758 (from Google Books)

Anon.: Fortgesetztes Diarium, was nach der von der Keyserl. Königl. und combinirten Reichs-Executions-Armee geschehenen Eroberung und Besitznehmung Der Königl. und Churfl. Sächß. Residenz-Stadt Dreßden nebst beygefügten Kapitulations-Puncten, von 14. bis 21. September 1759 vorgegangen (from SLUB Dresden)

Anon.: Gesammlete Nachrichten von der Schlacht bey Roßbach den 5. November 1757 (from SLUB Dresden)

Archenholz, J. W., Geschichte des siebenjährigen Krieges in Deutchland, Berlin, 1793 (from Google Books)

Brabant, Artur, Das Heilige Römische Reich teutscher Nation im Kampf mit Friedrich dem Grossen – vol. 1 – 1757, Berlin: Paetel, 1904 (from Google Books via Archive.org)

Brodrück, Carl: ‪Quellenstücke und Studien über den Feldzug der Reichsarmee von 1757‬: ‪Ein Beitrag zur deutschen Geschichte im 18 ‬Jahr, ‪Dyk‬, 1858

Decker, Carl von, Die Schlachten und Hauptgefechte des siebenjährigen Krieges mit vorherrschender Bezugnahme auf den Gebrauch der Artillerie, in Verbindung mit den beiden andern Hauptwaffen der Armee, Berlin, 1837 (from Google Books)

Frederick the Great: Hinterlassene Werke Friedrichs II, König von Preußen, aus dem Französischen übersetzt, Vol 1 to 15, Berlin: Voß u. Decker, 1789 (from the University of Trier)

Frederick the Great: Die politische Correspondenz Friedrichs des Großen, 46 Bde. und ein Ergänzungsband, hrsg. von Johann Gustav Droysen u.a., Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, Berlin: Hobbing, Leipzig: Quelle & Meyer 1879-1939 (from the University of Trier)

Fülling, Johann Georg: Die Isthaer Chronik des Pfarrers Johann Georg Fülling, in Hessische Chroniken Vol. 1, Kassel: Bärenreiter Verlag, 1957 Fülling's account covers the complete war and is incredible reading. Not always as detailed as above, but always interesting. While military accounts are quite abundant, those from a villager's perspective are quite scarce.

Gfrörer, August Friedrich; J. B. Weiss; Geschichte des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts, Vol. 3 - Maria Theresia dis grosse Kaiserin-Königin, Schaffhausen, 1862 (from Google Books)

Grosser Generalstab, Die Kriege Friedrichs des Grossen., Berlin, 1901-1914 (from the University of Toronto via Archive.org) including digitalised maps

Grosser Generalstab: Geschichte des siebenjährigen Krieges: In einer Reihe von Vorlesungen, mit..., Berlin, 1824-1847 (from Google Books)

Heyne, Johann Christian: Geographisch und Historisches Journal vom 21. Sept. 1757. bis zum 26. Jul. 1758 - betreffend den Marsch einiger hundert Reverdenten von Prag über Brün nach Ungarn; Die verschiedenen Delogirungen derer im Königreich Ungarn sich versammleten Sachsen; nebst deren neuen Formirung, und den Marsch des in Königlich-Französischen Sold getretenen Chur-Sächßischen Corps Infanterie aus Ungarn nach der Elsaß, Freyberg, 1772 (from SLUB Dresden)

Hoyer, Johann G. von: Geschichte der Kriegskunst seit der ersten Anwendung des Schießpulvers zum Kriegsgebrauch bis an das Ende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts, Vol. 2, Göttingen: Rosenbusch, 1800 (from Google Books)

Hupel, August Wilhelm: Ueber den ersten Feldzug des Russischen Kriegsheeres gegen die Preußen im Jahre 1757, Riga: Hartknoch, 1794 (from SLUB Dresden)

Huschberg, J. F. (by Heinrich Wuttke): Die Drei Kriegsjahre 1756, 1757, 1758 in Deutchland, Leipzig: J. C. Hinrich, 1856 (from Google Books)

Klutschak, Franz: Die Kriegsjahre Prags in der Mitte des vorigen Jahrhunderts: drei Episoden aus dem österreichischen Erbfolge- und Siebenjährigen Kriege, Prague, 1866 (from Google Books)

Koser, Reinhold: Geschichte Friedrichs des Grossen, Stuttgart and Berlin, 1925 (from Archive.org)

Küster, Carl Daniel: Des Preußischen Stabsfeldpredigers Küster, Bruchstück seines Campagnelebens im siebenjährigen Kriege, Berlin: Matzdorff, 1791 (from SLUB Dresden)

John, Rudolf: Die geschichte des Siebenjährigen Krieges, Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1852 (from Google Books)

Lehmann, Max: Friedrich der Grosse und der Ursprung des siebenjährigne Krieges, Leipzig, 1894 (from Google Books via Archive.org)

Maslovskīĭ, Dmitriĭ Fedorovich: Der Siebenjähre Krieg nach russischer Darstellung, Berlin: Eisenschmidt, 1891-1893, translated by A. Drygalski (from Archive.org)

Müller, Ludwig: Kurzgefaßte Beschreibung der drei Schlesischen Kriege zur Erklärung einer Kupfertafel auf welcher sechs und zwanzig Schlachten und Hauptgefechte abgebildet sind, Potsdam: Verlag des Verfassers, 1785 (from SLUB Dresden)

Naumann, Gottlob; Sammlung ungedruckter Nachrichten, so die Geschichte der Feldzüge der Preussen von 1740 bis 1779 erläutern; Dresden, 1782 (from Google Books)

  • Vol. 1
    • Schwerin's journal (pp. 447-536)
    • Salmuth's journal (first part pp. 537-588)
  • Vol. 2
    • Salmuth's journal second part pp. 1-101)
    • Jung-Braunschweig's journal (pp. 102-328)
    • Bevern's journal (pp. 328-528)
    • a daily list of Frederick's headquarters (pp. 675-680)
  • Vol. 3

Osten, Wilhelm August v. d.: Feldzüge der alliirten Armee in den Jahren 1757 bis 1762 nach dem Tagebuche des Generaladjutanten, nachmaligen Feldmarschalls von Reden, (3 volumes concatenated into a single file), B.G. Hoffmann, Hamburg, 1805 (from Google Books)

Ranke, Leopold v.; Der Ursprung des Siebenjährigen Krieges, Leipzig, 1871 (from Google Books via Archive.org)

Renouard, Carl: "Geschichte des Krieges in Hannover, Hessen und Westfalen von 1757 bis 1763" (from Google Books)

Schaefer , Arnold: Geschichte des siebenjährigen Krieges, Berlin, 1867-1874 (from Google Books via Archive.org)

Schaumburg-Lippe, Wilhelm von: Mémoire Abrége De Ce Qui S'Est Passé Au Siége De Cassel En 1761, 1762 (from SLUB Dresden)

Schulenburg, Friedrich Albrecht: Einige neue Actenstücke über die Veranlassung des siebenjährigen Krieges und der in Folge desselben enstandenen Allianzen, Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1841 (from Google Books via Archive.org)

Seyfart, Johann Friedrich: J.F.G. Zwenter Theil, erfter Abschnitt der Geschichte des seit 1756. in Deutschland und dessen angranzenden Landern gefuhrten Krieges, Frankfurt and Leipzig: 1760 (from Google Books)

Sichart, Louis von: Geschichte der Königlich-Hannoverschen Armee.

Sprecher von Bernegg, Salomon: Diarium der Belagerung von Breslau; und Capitulations-Puncte von der Uebergabe an Se. Königl. Majestät in Preussen, Berlin, 1758 (from Google Books)

St., E. v., Zum Säcular-Gedächtniss von 1758 – Der Feldzug in Mähren, Frankfurt am Main: J.D. Sauerländer, 1858 (from Google Books via Archive.org)

Sulicki, Karl v., Der Siebenjährige Krieg in Pommern und in den benachbarten Marken: Studie des Detaschements und des kleines Krieges, Ernst Siegfried Mittler & Sohn, Berlin, 1867 (from Google Books)

Taysen, Adalbert von; Zur Beurtheilung des siebenjährigen Krieges, Berlin: Mittler & Sohn, 1882 (from Google Books)

Tempelhof, Georg Friedrich von, Geschichte des siebenjährigen Krieges in Deutschland zwischen dem Könige von Preussen und der Kaiserin Königin mit ihren Alliirten als eine Fortsetzung der Geschichte Lloyd, J. F. Unger, Berlin, 1783-1801 (from the Swiss Libraries)

  • Part 1 (1756-1757)
  • Part 2 (1758)
  • Part 3 (1759)
  • Part 4 (1760)
  • Part 5 (1761)
  • Part 6 (1762)

Thielen, Maximilian F., Der siebenjährige Krieg: Vom Jahre 1756 bis 1762, Wallishausser, Wien, 1836 (from Google Books)

Thürhaimb, Count von: Relation von der Belagerung der Festung Schweidnitz, Capitulation derselben und Verzeichniß derer Herren Generals, Militair-Staabs und anderen Officiers, auch Unterofficiers und Gemeinen, so darinnen von denen Oesterreichischen Trouppen den 16 April 1758. zu Kriegsgefangenen gemacht worden sind, Berlin, 1758 (from SLUB Dresden)

Tielke, Johann Gottlieb, Beytraege zur Kriegs-kunst und geschichte des krieges von 1756 bis 1775 (from Google Books)

Tottleben: Relation (relation of the march on Berlin in 1760) (from SLUB Dresden)

Westphalen, C. H. P., Geschichte der Feldzüge des Herzogs Ferdinand von Braunschweig-Lüneberg (from Google Books)

Russian Language Publications

Masslowskij, Dmitrij Fedorovich: Russkaia armija w siemieletnjuju wojnu (from Rossijskaja Gosudarstvennaja Biblioteka)

Masslowskij, Dmitrij Fedorovich: Materialy k istorri voiennovo iskustva w Rossij (from runivers.ru)

Masslowskij, Dmitrij Fedorovich: Zapiski po istorri voiennovo iskustva w Rossij (from runivers.ru)

Military Science Archive Chief of the General Staff - Hronologicheskij ukazatel' voennyh dejstvij russkoj armii i flota, Vol. I - 1695-1800, St. Petersburg, 1908

Istoricheskoe opisanie odezhdy i vooruzhenija rossijskih vojsk, St. Petersburg, 1899, the second half of the book consists essentially of black and white uniform plates


Christian Rogge, Pascal Stalder, Adam Woolhead and Dieter Müller for their important contributions to this list of eBooks.