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This page lists free specialized military dictionaries in several languages. You can download these eBooks from various sources on the Web.

Please feel free to suggest new books to add to this list. To do so, just contact us specifying the URL where a given book is available.


English Language Publications

Campbell, E. S. Norman, A Dictionary of the Military Science (from Google Books)

Duane, William, A Military Dictionary: Or, Explaination of the Several Systems of Discipline of Different Kinds of Troops (from Google Books)

Duckett, George Floyd, Technological military dictionary. German-English-French (from Google Books)

French Language Publications

Romme, Charles; Dictionnaire de la marine françoise: avec figures, La Rochelle, 1792 (from Google Books)

German Language Publications

Bodart, Gaston; Militär-historisches kreigs-lexikon, (1618-1905), Stern, 1908 (from Archive.org)



Christian Rogge, Pascal Stalder and Adam Woolhead for their important contributions to this list of eBooks.