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This page lists free novels and films. You can download these eBooks from various sources on the Web.

Please feel free to suggest new items to add to this list. To do so, just contact us, specifying the URL where a given book is available.


English Language Publications

The last of the Mohicans, Silent black and white film, 1920 (from Archive.org)


English Language Publications

Cooper, James Fenimore; The last of the Mohicans, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1937 (from Archive.org)

Henty, George Alfred; With Wolfe in Canada; or, Winning of a continent; New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (from Archive.org)

James, G. P. R.; Ticonderoga; a story of early frontier life in the Mohawk Valley; New York: A.L. Burt, ca. 1860 (from Archive.org)

McKnight, Charles; Captain Jack, the scout; or, The Indian wars about Old Fort Duquesne; An historical novel, with copious notes; Philadelphia: John C. Winston Co., 1873 (includes engravings) (from Archive.org)

Oxley, James MacDonald; With Rogers on the frontier; a story of 1756; Toronto: Copp Clark Co., 1902 (from Archive.org)

Parker, Gilbert; The seats of the mighty; being the memoirs of Captain Robert Moray, sometime an officer in the Virginia regiment, and afterwards of Amherst's regiment; New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1899 (from Archive.org)

Parrish, Randall; A sword of the old frontier : a tale of Fort Chartres and Detroit : being a plain account of sundry adventures befalling Chevalier Raoul de Coubert, one time captain in the Hussars of Languedoc, during the year 1763; Chicago: A. C. McClug & Co., 1905 (from Archive.org)



Adam Woolhead for his very important contribution to this list of eBooks.