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Origin and History

The unit was raised on December 21 1760 in Nordhausen and Stolberg, and then assembled in Leipzig. It counted 5 squadrons of light dragoons and comprised:

  • 21 officers
  • 50 NCOs
  • 15 trumpeters
  • 5 smiths
  • 500 troopers

In early January 1761, the commander of the Freihusaren von Glasenapp in the Württemberger service, Major Johann Reinhold von Glasenapp, escaped to Saxony where he offered his services to Prussia and received command of a new unit of light dragoons.

During the Seven Years' War, the Chef of the unit was:

  • since January 1761: Major Joachim Reinhold von Glasenapp

During the Seven Years' War, the commander of the unit was:

  • since January 1761: Major Friedrich Wilhelm von Selchow

After the Seven Years War, the corps was disbanded in 1763 and its troops forcibly incorporated into Prussian cavalry regiments.

Service during the War

For the campaign of 1761, the unit was attached to the Prussian army operating in Saxony under the command of Prince Henri.

For the campaign of 1762, the unit was once more attached to the Prussian Army of Saxony under Prince Henri. On July 29, part of the unit accompanied Seydlitz in his incursion into Bohemia. On August 2, one squadron of the unit took part in the combat of Teplitz where it was under the command of Meyer.



Uniform in 1761 - Source: Richard Couture from a template by Frédéric Aubert
Uniform in 1761
Headgear black tricorne (no lace) with a black cockade fastened with a small pewter button and a small orange pompom in each lateral corne

N.B.: for combat, the tricorne was probably reinforced with an iron cap

Neckstock black
Coat cobalt blue lined orange yellow with 6 pewter buttons (arranged 2-2-2) on the chest on each side; 2 pewter buttons at the waist on the right side and 3 pewter buttons on each side to fasten the skirts forming the turnbacks
Collar straw yellow
Shoulder strap left shoulder: blue fastened with a pewter button
right shoulder: a white aiguillette
Lapels none
Pockets horizontal pockets each with 2 pewter buttons
Cuffs cobalt blue (Swedish style) with 2 pewter buttons
Turn-backs straw yellow
Waistcoat orange yellow with one row of small pewter buttons and horizontal pockets, each with pewter buttons
Breeches buff leather
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt probably white
Waistbelt probably white
Cartridge Box probably black leather
Scabbard probably brown leather
Bayonet scabbard probably brown leather
Footgear black boots with white knee covers
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth cobalt blue with pointed corners; bordered with a wide straw yellow braid
Housings cobalt blue with pointed corners; bordered with a wide straw yellow braid
Blanket roll cobalt blue and straw yellow

Troopers were probably armed with a sword, a pair of pistols, a musket and a bayonet.


NCOs wore the same uniform as the troopers with the following distinctions:

  • a small black within white pompom in each lateral corne
  • cuffs edged with a wide silver braid


The officers wore the same uniform as the troopers with the following exceptions:

  • black tricorne (no lace) with a black cockade (attached with a silver clip) and a small black within silver pompom in each lateral corne
  • no shoulder strap
  • a silver aiguillette on the right shoulder
  • no turn-backs


no information available yet


None of the Freikorps units carried official colours, standards or guidons to the exception of von Kleist Frei Korps.


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