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Origin and History

Almost nothing is known about this unit of Freihussaren. Even Bleckwenn found no trace of this unit. However, it was specifically identified in Wellner's work and we can assume that:

  1. it existed for a very short period
  2. it did not count many troopers and was never completed
  3. it was probably formed from deserters who deserted again

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was under the command of:

  • von Barowski

Service during the War

no information found


So little is known on the uniform of this unit that we have been obliged to do some educated guesses. For instance, cuffs are based on common interpretation (cuffs in the dolman colour, with piping in the cord colour). Similarly, the barrel-sash is red and white since it usually was a combination of facing/dolman/pelisse colours and button colours.


Source: Dal Gavan from a template of Not By Appointment
Uniform Details
Headgear unknown
Pelisse black
Fur trim black
Lace 12 rows of white braids
Buttons white
Dolman green with 10 white braids and 3 rows of white buttons
Collar none
Cuffs unknown
Trousers probably buff
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt probably white
Waist-sash red barrel sash
Scabbard probably black with white metal fittings
Boots probably black Hungarian boots edged white with a white tassel
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth probably black shabraque with white wolf tooth edeged red
Sabretache n/a

Troopers were armed with a short curved sabre, two pistols and a carbine.


Officers of the regiment wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with the following differences:

  • elaborate silver braids and laces on the pelisse and dolman
  • silver and black barrel sash


NCOs of the regiment wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with more elaborate laces on the dolamn: around the pockets and cuffs and in the small of the back.


no information available yet


None of the Freikorps units carried official colours, standards or guidons to the exception of von Kleist Frei Korps.


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Michael Zahn for the information provided for the creation of the initial version of this article.