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Origin and History

On March 14 1758, Count Fredrik Ulrik Putbus received a warrant to raise a corps of 50 foot Jägers dressed like hussars and armed with rifles and attached to the Blå Husarerna. In the autumn of 1758, the unit was increased to 100 jägers.

In 1761, the unit became independent from the Blå Husarerna as the Rosenquist Foot Jägers company.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was under the command of:

  • from 1759: K. Rosenquist

Service during the War

On November 18 1758, a detachment of the unit was part of general von Lingen's force at the combat of Güstow.

To do: campaigns from 1759 to 1762


No specific information has been found yet on the uniform of this unit. For now, we assume that it was similar to the uniform of the Blå Husarerna.


Uniform in 1758-
Source: Richard Couture from a Not By Appointment template
Uniform Details
Headgear yellow mirliton with a black scarf edged yellow, yellow cords and a small yellow rosette on the front of the hat.
Pelisse cornflower blue
Fur trim black
Lace yellow
Buttons yellow
Dolman cornflower blue with yellow braids and yellow buttons
Collar blue edged yellow
Cuffs yellow with white lace
Cloak cornflower blue
Breeches straw with dark cornflower blue overtrousers edged yellow
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt yellow
Waist-sash yellow
Scabbard black
Boots black edged yellow

Troopers were armed with a short, curved sabre, two pistols and a carbine.


The officers had gold lace trim and buttons rather than yellow lace trim and yellow buttons.


No information available yet.


The unit probably did not carry any colour.


This article contains texts translated from the following books which are now in the public domain:

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Other sources

Schirmer, Friedrich, Die Heere der kriegführenden Staaten 1756-1763, published by KLIO-Landesgruppe Baden-Württemberg, Neuauflage 1989

N.B.: the section Service during the War is mostly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.