Licorne (32)

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Origin and History

The frigate was designed by Jean Geoffroy, built at Brest and launched in 1755.

Service during the War

In 1756, the frigate was part of the fleet sent to reinforce Canada. She transported the new commander in chief, the marquis de Montcalm and his aide-de-camp Bougainville. She left Brest on April 3 and anchored near Québec on May 11.

In October 1757, the frigate was part of a French squadron under the command of captain Kersaint. This squadron was at Cap-François (actual Cap-Haïtien) to escort a convoy of French ships to France. On October 21, Kersaint's squadron engaged a British squadron in the combat of Cap-François. The British ships were so badly damaged that they had to return to Jamaica for repair. Kersaint quickly repaired his ships and, seizing this opportunity, set sail for France with the French convoy.

To do: campaigns from 1758 to 1763


Technical specifications
Guns 32
Gun deck 26 x 8-pdrs
Quarter deck 6 x 4-pdrs
Crew 250
Length ??? feet (??? m)
Width  ?? feet (??? m)
Depth  ?? feet (??? m)
Displacement ???? tons


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