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Related topics

Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection
an ambitious multi-year endeavor to digitize the 15,000 individual prints, drawings, and watercolors of the collection
Cent chansons françoises au siècle des lumières
100 French songs from 1715 to 1789
European Heraldry
a rapidly expanding collection of heraldic art in Europe throughout the early years of the 17th century to the present day. Wonderful illustrations!
Michael Phillip's Ships of the Old Navy
a complete coverage of the ships of the British Royal Navy from the mid 18th century to about 1840 - the last half century of the sailing warship.
Nafziger Collection of Orders of Battle
orders of battle from 1600 to 1945 with over 7000 individual pdf files
Nec Pluribus Impar
a very comprehensive French web magazine about the history, wars and armies of the 17th and 18th centuries (some articles available in English).
several interesting articles on battles and sieges of the Seven Years' War, this website is complemented by the blog Papersoldiers Journal
Praetiriti Fides
an excellent French source of contemporary documents on the War of the Austrian Succession and on the Seven Years' War (some articles available in English).
Scot Wars
a portal to all things about the military history of Scotland
Seven Years War Association
an organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the history of the Seven Years’ War and other conflicts in the middle third of the eighteenth century. The Association publishes the Journal of the Seven Years War Association in order to disseminate knowledge of the period.
The Krause Collection
videos presenting a massive collection of 15 mm armies of all periods and continents. A must see!
The Spanish Succession
a site about the years 1700 till 1715, a time dominated by the War of the Spanish Succession. This era can be viewed from many perspectives. The goal of this site is to make this possible by providing a lot of background information and some good articles. The latter tend to go back to the primary source and to be verifiable by providing direct links to this source.
Todo a Babor
a wonderful Spanish source of information on the age of sail
Three Decks - Warships in the Age of Sail
an impressive collection of naval data from the age of sailing ships (at the moment of writing these lines, this knowledge base counted 14,867 ships, 19,619 seamen, 410 actions/battles)
Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Costume Illustration
nearly 20,000 prints, drawings, watercolors, and printed book and magazine illustrations of military costume as well as military medals, regalia, insignia, coats of arms, and regimental flags, from most times and places except the United States

Historical Sites

Fort Dobbs
situated in the Piedmont region of North Carolina near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Fort Dobbs State Historic Site provides a window into the tumultuous period of history known as the French and Indian War (1754-1763) or Seven Years War.
Fort Frederick
the fort, located in Maryland and commenced in 1756, is one of the largest fortifications built by English colonists in North America. The fort's exterior lines are 355 feet from bastion point to bastion point. Its stone wall is about 18 feet high and at least three major buildings originally stood inside that wall.
Fort La Présentation
the site is located at Lighthouse Point in Ogdensburg, New York. Currently, there is an historic monument and interpretive signs and future plans include an interpretive center, greenspace restoration, recreation of a Native American village and fort reconstruction.
Fort Ligonier
a reconstructed/restored British fort (1758-1766) with a modern museum. It is located in southwestern Pennsylvania. In commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the fort, a new, permanent exhibition on the Seven Years' War was premiered in May 2008. It is the only exhibit we are aware of which covers every theater of war using exclusively original artifacts.
Fort Loudoun
a reconstructed fort which had initially been erected during the French and Indian War (1754-1763) by the British colony of South Carolina to counter the French threat in the Mississippi Valley.
Fort at No. 4
a reconstructed fort which had initially been erected between 1743 and 1746 by the British colony of New Hampshire.
Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga, originally Fort Carillon, was built by the French military between 1755 and 1759.
Fort Toulouse
Fort Toulouse, built in Alabama in 1717 and named for the Comte de Toulouse. It was reconstructed in 1751. This website also contains a very interesting page on French drill in 1755.
Old Fort Niagara
a fort, located in the State of New York, who dominates the entrance to the Niagara River since 1726.


The following sites offer a great quantity of historical maps.

Cartographic Collection of the National Library of Latvia
an important collection of old map of Lithuania, Livonia, Poland, Prussia, Russia, Scandinavia, etc.
Digitalisierungsprojekt Wilhelmshöher Kriegskarten (WHK)
a great collection of maps from the XVIIIth century from the digital archives of Marburg
Historic Cities
maps, literature, documents, books and other relevant material concerning the past, present and future of historic cities and facilitates the location of similar content on the web
Mapire - Historic Maps of the Habsburg Empire
a wonderful collection of historic maps of the Habsburg Empire (for ex.: military survey of 1763-1787, 1806-1869...) coupled with modern mapping softwares. You can even synchronize views of modern and old maps!
acknowledgement: Harald Howe for finding this unbelievable collection of maps
Musée des Plans-Reliefs
adjoining the Musée de l'Armée in Paris, this museum offers a wide collection a maps and dioramas of French fortified cities
Ryhiner Map Collection
one of the most valuable and outstanding map collections of the world: more than 16,000 maps, charts, plans and views from the 16th to the 18th century, covering the whole globe
Statens Arkiv - Utländska stad- och fästningsplaner
a large collection of maps of foreign towns and fortresses published by the Swedish State Archive

Miniatures Associations


Wikipedia - Seven Years' War (German version at Wikipedia - Siebenjähriger Krieg)
the entry points to numerous Wikipedia articles related to this conflict
3 Decks
a naval warfare history Wiki in the golden age of sailing (1650-1850)

Discussion Groups

For most of these newsgroup, you need to be a registered user but it is free.


A cova do Trasno
miniature figurines of various periods including of course the Seven Years War.
Adventures in Miniature Gaming
an exciting trip through the world of miniature gaming.
Der Alte Fritz Journal
if you are a wargamer at heart, you must pay a visit to this blog. Even though it covers various periods, you'll find ample information about SYW armies and pictures of figurines painted to a very high standard.
wargaming in various periods
Fencing Frog
wargaming in various periods and re-enaction in the period of the French and Indian Wars
Figurines et Champs de Batailles
a great project to follow, wargaming the Battle of Hastenbeck
Gaming with Chuck
musings and meanderings concerning the many gaming activities in the land of chuck.
The Golden Sun
an excellent list of English-language public domain books, mostly related to the Seven Years' War, available online.
Jemima Fawr's Miniature Wargames Blog
scenarios, game reports, photos of models, etc and a stack of articles, of particular interest are the recent posts on campaigns of the Seven Years' War.
Keith's Wargaming blog
includes free downloadable SYW wargame rules à la Donald Featherstone
Lace Wars in Tin
wargaming with the new Prince August "Seven Years' War" infantry and with figurines converted from this range
Landgraviate of Hessen-Kassel in the SYW
a blog dedicated to the Army of the Landgraviate of Hessen-Kassel in the early years of the SYW, illustrated with plates of Franco Saudelli and Marco Pagan and with photos of figurines painted by Nigel Billington.
Modus Reg Magni Momenti
gallery of painted miniature soldiers with a growing collection of SYW units
My Seven Years' War
as its title indicates, this blog is devoted to the SYW. It presents very nicely painted traditional German Zinnfiguren.
Not By Appointment
a uniform template design service to the imaginary crowned heads of Seven Years War Europe. The site offers a tremendous collection of high quality uniform templates to produce almost any unit from the Seven Years' War period. Similarly, you'll find high quality flags, which are particularly useful for wargamers but also handy as reference
Obscure Battles
detailed and lively descriptions of battles such as Lobositz and Leuthen, and outstanding maps and diagrams
Olicanalad's Games
a very interesting project on the battle of Zorndorf
Painting Wargames Figures
a quite a self explanatory title but it should read "Painting Wargames Figures a very high standard" (mostly devoted to the SYW period).
Scheck's Zinnsoldatenkriege
wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, lots of very good quality photos and a wide coverage (France, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Sweden)
a blog about researching, painting, and building 6mm armies in the Seven Years' War time period.
a blog on 6mm and 10mm 18th century wargaming with lots of pictures taken at the German Army Museum in Berlin
The Wargamorium - Seven Years War Campaign
a blog who explores a “mini-campaign” approach allowing for grand tactical manoeuvres. The situation resulting from these movements are then transferred to the wargame table for resolving the engagement/combat/battle. There will be reports on the campaign, maps, movements, briefings, progress, battles and eventual outcome
Torgau Project
a blog to share pictures of a 6mm wargame of the battle of Torgau (November 3, 1760) based for Volley and Bayonet
Wargame Amateur
mostly 18th century, plus coverage of unusual theatres of operation
Winser's Wargaming Page
blog about 18th and 19th centuries wargaming classes
18th Century Sojourn
a very interesting blog, the proposed campaigns alone make it one of the best blog on this period of history.

Blogs of the "Imagi-Nations"

The "Imagi-Nations" phenomenon is spreading rapidly among the wargaming community and deserves a section by itself. These blogs present various imaginary European nations of the XVIIIth century.


Wargames Clubs