Lobo da Silveira, Don José António

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Lobo da Silveira, Don José António, Baron de Alvito

Marshal of Portugal (1762-1768)

born June 3, 1698, Lisbon, Portugal

died June 9, 1773, Belem, Portugal


Don José António Lobo da Silveira Baron Alvito became gentleman of the Chamber during the reign of King José I.

In 1726, Baron Alvito married Teresa de Assis Mascarenhas.

Until 1757, Baron Alvito ranked as captain in Cais Cavalry under the Colonel Marquis of Marialva.

In 1757, Baron Alvito's son, don Fernando Lobo da Silveira, succeeded his father as captain in Cais Cavalry.

In 1758, Baron Alvito became member of the court-martial and was promoted to the rank of Master of the Field Generals.

In 1762, Baron Alvito was promoted marshal and oversaw to the preparations of the Portuguese Army for the coming war against Spain and France. He concentrated the army in the region of Abrantes and the iron workshops in the area of Tomar - Figueiró dos Vinhos - Foz do Alge. He also tried to create an artillery foundry. Upon the arrival of the British auxiliary forces, Baron Alvito ceded overall command to Count von Lippe, himself efficiently assuming the administrative duties for recruitment, logistic and supplies.

In May 1766, Baron Alvito was made Marquess of Alvito.

Around 1768, the Marquess of Alvito was promoted marshal-general.

The Marquess of Alvito died on June 3, 1773.


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