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Origin and History

In 1734, the artillery, under the command of the Marquis General Rangoni and the Commissar Domenico Corradi (Deputy of Materials) and Francesco Mainardi (Deputy of Ammunition) with the advice of the French Commissar Louis Labinon, had a total of 56 guns and 3 bronze mortars.

In 1738, the artillery park was increased to 53 field and defence pieces and 69 battery pieces (30 “large” calibres and 39 “medium”).

The personnel consisted of a staff of 77 men, 10 bombardiers and 437 volunteers (23 corporals included) in four companies (named after their garrison as Modena, Reggio, Carpi and Montalfonso) with detachments in Correggio, Mirandola, Rubbiera, Bregantino di Brescello, Sestola and Veruccole.

An arsenal and a foundry were located in Modena (Piazza Sant’Agostino).

There were 8 officers and 7 “gentlemen of the guns”, 1 adjutant, 4 clerks, 3 armourers with 7 adjutants, 2 fouriers (quartermasters), 2 sergeants, 19 corporals, 2 pages, 1 ammunition major, 1 sub ammo, 5 adjutants ammuni and 11 wood providers.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, after the invasion of the Duchy of Modena by an Austro-Piemontese army, the unit was disbanded.

In 1747, the artillery corps was re-raised.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:

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In 1764, the military expenses were reduced and at the end of the year the artillery companies were disbanded.

Service during the War

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Uniform of privates in 1759 - Source: Ibrahim90
Uniform Details
Headgear black tricorne laced yellow with a blue and white cockade
Neckstock white
Coat turquin blue Austrian cut with turquin blue lining
Collar none
Shoulder Straps turquin blue fastened with a yellow button
Lapels turquin blue with 6 yellow buttons (3-2-1)
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 yellow buttons
Cuffs red with 3 yellow buttons
Turnbacks turquin blue
Waistcoat turquin blue with yellow buttons
Breeches red
Gaiters white
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt white leather, worn over the left shoulder
Waistbelt white leather
Cartridge Box n/a
Bayonet Scabbard n/a
Scabbard n/a
Footgear black shoes


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The Modenese artillery probably never received colours.



Dr. Marco Pagan for gathering most of the information about this regiment